Britney Spears to Perform at Teen Choice Awards

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As if the Teen Choice Awards weren't the hottest game in town already.

Britney Spears announced on her official site last night that she will be performing on the awards show, which tapes Sunday night and airs next Monday.

"Britney will be performing at the Teen Choice Awards on Monday!" the announcement read. "Tune in to Fox at [8 p.m. ET] to see Britney's performance."

Hopefully she parties with Lindsay Lohan at an after-party someplace.

In addition to performing live, Britney Spears is up for three awards:

  • Choice Music: Single for her song, "Circus"
  • Choice Music: Female Artist
  • Choice Music: Tour

There has been no announcement made about what song Spears will perform on the show. We're hoping for the title track, or maybe "Radar." Hot stuff.

Long Live the Queen

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN: Britney Spears is back, baby. [Photo: Fame]

Britney will join hosts and fellow nominees The Jonas Brothers, the Twilight cast and Miley Cyrus, who is set to perform her new single, "Party in the U.S.A."

Twilight dominates the nominees list with 12 nominations, including Drama, Romance and Actor and Actress in a Drama. The Jonas Brothers scored nine.

Miley Cyrus, High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Gossip Girl all tied with 10 nominations each, and often find themselves battling against each other.

It will be particularly interesting to watch the battle for Choice Risque Photos between Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair shoot and the Vanessa Hudgens nude pics.

Just kidding. That's not real. But the rest of what's written above is.

How excited are you to watch the drama unfold?!


They're streaming it live over at for free if you wanna watch it online. Also if you miss the live stream you can go download the replay at (it takes them at least 20 minutes to upload the replay though fyi)


dam these haters really cant get enough of Britney....Just Stop wastin your time if you dont have anything good to say! didnt your mom or dad or who ever took care of you treat you that!?you (HATERS) = LOSER/LowLIFE....time is valuble use it waisly!!! careful...KARMAS A BITCH!!


No better offers? She just did a world tour for crying out loud, she doesm't need any offers! And its not about her 'letting' someome else do it, im sure she was asked by professionals who can make the show great, thats why they picked her. Its not like she just took the limelight because she wanted it, she'll have that no matter what.


The has-been Pop Tart is almost 28-years old...10 years too old to be performing (lip syncing and gyrating) at the Teen Choice Awards. Although Britney is about 12 in terms of maturity, she really should garner some shred of dignity and let younger, more talented individuals be in the show. Why are her father and handlers/managers allowing this laughable event to happen; no better offers??


She's been back for a while, where have you been?


So the slut is back. I am underwhelmed.

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