Britney Spears Has Totally Lost Weight!

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As Britney Spears prepares to hit the road next week for her second Circus concert tour of North America in less than nine months, the pop star - and mother of two foul-mouthed brats - managed to get her body looking better than ever.

Britney herself is thrilled with her own transformation, according to OK!

A source says that Spears, who flaunted her toned physique in a barely-there white Eres bikini for an August 6 photo shoot in L.A. - just loves her new figure.

“Britney used to hate her body when she looked in the mirror,” a longtime pal of the singer, who is now dating her agent, Jason Trawick, says. “But last week she sent pictures home to [her mom] Lynne and wrote, ‘Look how good I look!’”

Here's Britney looking svelte and sizzling as ever ...

Britney Spears' New Body!

Britney Spears' diet secrets? Work out! Amazing what that will do. Note that this claims she's lost 20 pounds in four weeks, but the "before" picture is 15 months old.

Her looking good may not be news to those of us who follow her career regularly, but if it means a reason to post Britney Spears pictures showing just how good she looks lately, then we suppose we're OK! with this story in the end.

Click to enlarge the recent images of our girl below ...

BS Picture
Dress Her Up
A Skinny Britney
It is Britney, Bitch
The Teenagers' Choice
Hot Britney Bikini Photo
Brit Squats
Long Live the Queen
Pink Brit

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I agree that Britney looks brilliant- as for all those comments about thick neck and legs- are you for real???? The girl dances for about 8hrs per day-she looks amazing, i think there are a LOT of jealous and deluded people out there... seriously, get a grip.


Hey maybe when she's so skinny you can see her ribs and her legs are like toothpicks you guys calling her fat might say she looks nice? You people make me sick no wonder girls think they have to be a size zero. Why don't you guys do the rest of the world a favour and take a very long run off a very short cliff :)


Oh come on?! You can't seriously think she's fat!!! She looks great with a little meat on her, I think she's never looked better.


Shitney doesn't appear svelte with those thunder thighs, thick torso and a linebacker neck and shoulders. She doesn't look like she's lost any weight or inches...


Fabulous figure! Fantastic face! Beautiful Brit!
Britney always looks awesome.
Anorexic broads will always be jealous of her.
Guys with ugly girlfriends and wives will always
hate our gorgeous curvy Britney.


I wouldn't call her fat but she isn't that thin. Her thighs and legs look large to me. What bugs me is that neck of hers it's so thick. I just don't think she looks that great. Better but not incredible.


uhhh she is still fat... Britney needs to work out more and eat less... c'mon Britney, you can do it!...

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