Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley's Pole Dance: It's All Good!

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Billy Ray Cyrus has no problem with the fact that his daughter dances around and dresses like a stripper.

After all, it's all in the name of entertainment!

"You know what? I just think that Miley loves entertaining people," Billy Ray told Access Hollywood when asked this week about his daughter's pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards. "She loves singing [and] songwriting."

Hmmm, we guess this means other young artists that actually dress appropriately for their age - such as Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato - must hate entertaining, singing and songwriting.

Stripper Impression
Billy Ray

Overall, Billy Ray said he teaches his kids to dance to the beat of their own drummer; or to strip in the name of their own ego, as the case may be here.

"I always tell her to love what you're doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion," he said.

Ah yes. Because that's exactly what Miley Cyrus is all about: art.

Do you think her pole dance - which can be seen in its entirety HERE - was inappropriate?


i think who eva whote this is bein a full blow HATER! yall need 2 let dat girl be and let her live her life and dress like she wants. wh are u worried so much about it??? she's not hurting no one and if kids wanna be like her its not wrong cuz she's a great role model.


The pictures make the dance out to be worse than it was. For nearly all of the time she was standing on top of the ice-cream cart she was just holding onto the poll !
I dont get why everyone's making such a big deal out of this, shes sixteen & i dont think its fair for her not to have fun like other teenagers her age are allowed to have. I think everyone should just let it go, its ridiculous!


DURANMORRISSEY you talk like you never been a teenager you haven't smoke you haven't drink you are so good dude i can`t believe the times we are living in i am 14 i want to drink 1 fucken beer and i cant no body is perfect stop whit this shit leave the girl alone


Events for under age people should be clean and not suggestive.


she wasn't pole dancing!! she was holding on to the pole while the cart was moving!! what do you want her to do, just not hold on to anything and fall on her head?? Geez, calm down, people!


And speaking as another 16 year old girl myself, i find it totally innapropraite! I would never do that! And Bryanna, how do you know she's not nearly as bad as the kids at your school? You've never met her. And how can you say she's just having fun if you've never met her? She could have aspirations to be a stripper so you really can't say things like that. Although it was innapropriate I think people should just let her do her thing, it must be kinda hard for her too cos yes, she made a mistake but people just don't let go of that!


Speaking as a 16 year old girl myself, everyone needs to lay off Miley Cyrus. everyone is calling it a striptease dance, well i saw the dance on the teen choice awards and it was no where near that. first of all she never stripped and she wasn't even dancing on the pole, but more using it for balance. everyone always talks about how they hate Miley Cyrus yet nobody here has even met her, so you really can't say things like that. And as for the attack on her parents, that was WAY to far because I'm guessing you don't know them either. Miley is just having fun, like all teenagers do, and let me tell you she's not nearly as bad as the kids at my high school.


bvds at 100 AM-P and P comment is the TRUTH and an ACCURATE comment!! WE APPLAUD!!


The only part of her "pole dance" that looked anything like a "pole dance" is in the still pic shown above. If I were a man in a strip club and I saw this, I'd demand my cover charge back. For the rest of the dance, she was just balancing herself by holding on to the pole atop an ice cream cart that was being moved around the stage. It wasn't very smooth because she looked like she was afraid she was going to topple off of that thing at any mintue. I'd fire the choreographers. What perpetuates the redneck stereotype that she might want to break away from a little bit is that at the begining of the performance she and her little dancing-girl buddies emerge from a trailer. I find Miley to have a reasonable amount of talent and have not banned my daughter from listeing to her music.


one last thing be proud with girls like Miley i can`t believe you put so much on a 16 year old teenager

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