Billie Jean Jackson: Give Me Blanket!

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The paternity lotto brings out all the certified nut jobs.

First, it was Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, who claimed she gave birth to all of Michael Jackson's children - as well as Connor Cruise, Tom's son, who she insists Jackson actually fathered - and filed for legal guardianship of Paris, Prince and Blanket.

We don't suspect the court will go for it. Just a hunch.

Now, it's Michael Jackson's longtime stalker / baby mama, Billie Jean Jackson, who's desperate to be a part of Blanket's life. It's her fake son, after all!

We can only hope Pia Bhatti also shows up to lay claim to Blanket, whose mother has never been revealed, although enough people sure claim to be.

B.J. filed legal papers at the hearing for Jackson's estate yesterday, begging the court to give her three days a week with Michael's youngest child.

Billie Jean Jackson Picture

This was the best picture of alleged Michael baby mama Billie Jean Jackson we could find. It's pretty appropriate that it's a mug shot, though, don't you think?

In her filing, Billie Jean Jackson asked the court to:

  1. Not let her be arrested by Katherine Jackson or John Branca, Michael's mother and one of the executors of his estate, respectively
  2. Hire a handwriting expert to check Michael's will for forgeries
  3. Grant her visitation with Blanket Fridays-Sundays at 2 p.m.

She punctuated her legal filing with this gem: "MICHAEL JACKSON IS GOD, and GOD cannot die, yet his ESTATE is in this probate court."

Psychiatrists in Los Angeles County had better get ready to work OT.

In other Jackson paternity news, the alleged father of Paris Jackson, Mark Lester, is now denying quotes to that effect from ... himself, obviously.

Blankeet jackson

Leave Me Alone Weird Lady Not My Mum :'(


this little cute baby can't be a child of this monster ugly woman !
OMG !!!!!! delete this photo it's scary !!!!!!!!!!!!
Monster don't think to touch this cuty baby !!!!!!!!!!!!


that bitch is ugly why would he sllep with her in the first place...then again she might have actully been pretty in the 80's i'd be willin to bet she would look better in some make up her hair done(better) a tank top and a mini skirt(no homo)she looks like a stalker.Sending letters to mike talkin bout ''you my baby daddy i love you i wanna be with you'' and sh*t like that hey i got curly hair you dnt hear me talking bout michael is my daddy


It is sad that the fools come out all year long and not just on "All Fools Day." This society had created SELFISH, GREEDY and HEARTLESS individuals that prey on persons no matter what they are going through. It's just another part of the sign of the end. Money(greed)is the name of the game for these "sick" individuals. They need to get some serious help and stop wasting the taxpayers money with court cost.


I LOVE Michael Jackson!! Poor guy. Billie Jean is so weird. REALLY weird actually. Shes soo ugly!!

@ Sarah

Yes society has brought out sooooo many "power and money hungry people you are so right. Espeically since the "untimely" death of MJ hm everyone seeking power and greed instead of love.Yep he really managed to change the world before he left us poor guy. And so private he was and now all over the news again. One day though Blankets "real" mom will come if she has a heart. This kids needs a stable home and we can be sure it didnt come from MJ


Billie Jean si soo UGLY!!


if shes black and michael is black then how come blanket isnt black?somebody lieing


I'm not sure but michael did say that his Mother was Black


This just proves how easy target Michael Jackson has been always.


omggg this fool is crazy!!!!!

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