Attorney: Mark Lester Claims of Paris Jackson Paternity "Baseless"

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The Jackson family attorney says Mark Lester is not the father of Michael Jackson’s daughter, is not claiming paternity and is not offering himself up to DNA testing, despite celebrity gossip reports that Lester is Paris Jackson's biological father.

While Mark Lester, a longtime friend of the late music icon, could not be reached for comment, sources close to the Jacksons confirm that Lester indeed donated sperm specifically for Jackson, as alleged, but say he never claimed paternity.

"They twisted his words around. He's not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson," says the Jackson family attorney, Londell McMillan, who adds that the story is just another unproven and meaningless claim in the wake of Michael's death.

The Los Angeles County probate court has no reason to go against its finding that the late King of Pop is father to all three of his kids, McMillan stated.

"These are just merely claims with no legal standing whatsoever," he said.

Mark Lester, 51, who is best known for starring in the Oscar-winning classic Oliver!, was longtime friends with Jackson, and he did donate sperm for the singer – though a source says the timing doesn't add up for it being used to create Paris.

"He has known Michael for many years and his children play with Michael's children," says longtime Jackson family associate and past lawyer Brian Oxman.

But Oxman says Mark Lester never indicated he is Paris's father.

There is no question Lester and Michael's children had a close relationship, however. Jackson made Lester godfather to all three ids in October 2003 at a small ceremony where the kids were baptized Catholic with Debbie Rowe's permission.

Rowe, the mother of Paris and Michael's oldest son Prince Michael (at least most likely), has always maintained that Michael is Paris' actual dad.

Arnold Klein, a dermatologist and Rowe's former boss, also donated sperm "at some point" and has been rumored to be Prince and Paris' father.

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WHO'S YOUR DADDY? For Paris Jackson, that remains a mystery.


I suggest to all those doubters out there that they log on to sites featured on Youtube which compare Michael morphed with Debbie Rowe and also Mark Lester and Arnold Klein. The morphed images of Debbie and Michael are MIRROR images of Paris. They even point out that her hair colour is EXACTLY what it would be if a "blend" of Debbie and Michael. Often think that all those who bleat on about the kids lack of African features seem to very conveniently forget that Debbie is pale and blonde. Also NEITHER Paris nor Prince are blonde ARE THEY!!!


Leave them alone.. Their only father is Michael Jackson! and will always.. Those people are just GOLD DIGGERS!!!!


No doubt none of the children are Michaels for the jackson family are dark in skin color,just look at pictures of Micheal when he was younger he was black,I think Lady GAGA is Michael Jacksons daughter too,Mark Lester says he donated sperm to Michael Jackson and his daughter Harriet looks just like Paris.I feel sorry for the kids for the jacksons are a weard family...


This whole thing is ridiculous wasn't this man suppose to be MJ's friend. This is a dam shame that this is going on with this guy. And if this was his sperm, so what, I am sure that MJ paid him lovely. Besides these kids have a family already . I wonder if this is at all legal for him to even share this information as I pretty sure that this was an agreement. These kids are not looking for a father they already had one and he is gone. What Mark going to do if he donated his sperm to other people, going around showing pictures of his daughter to compare to other children that might be his. Mark get over it and get a life.


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michael was a genius.
MJ asked for sperms from Lester, Klein,...etc.
or even eggs from .....
So they thought they fathered and mothered the kids.. and
they cared about them and MJ could trust them with the kids..
Their flesh and blood..?
They were fooled by MJ...Ha..Ha..
they are MJ kids anyway


Is this going to be a Howard K. Stern v. Larry Birkhead situation again? There's nothing worse than someone making a play for a kid so that he can line his own pockets. While the finding of Larry as the biological father in his case seemed to be the lesser of two evils when compared to the shady Howard K. Stern, it still played out as the "winner keeping the spoils" in that Larry has been able to profit from his new found daughter ever since he was awarded custody (sales of coverage-photos, interviews, video at Anna's grave and even a reality show). In a perfect world everyone would like to think these sort of actions are out of a concern for the best interest of the child, but the ruthless way in which people pursue such actions tends to point to other, more pecuniary, sources of motivation.


tis is hard to precidict.


Michael obviously did want somebody else's sperm otherwise he would not have used donors. Where's the common sense or are you completely brain dead? Let Mark Lester have a paternity test and that will shut all the doubting Thomas' up. 'None of these seem special' - what kind of rubbish is that? Do you not learn English in school?


why would michael want anyone's sperm? most peopletake their chances with offspring and none of these people seem "special" .... unless he knew for a fact that he was sterile ...

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