Ashley Greene Nude Photos Hit the Internet

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New Moon? More like nude moon!

Just days after the Internet was buzzing with Vanessa Hudgens naked pics, yet another young starlet has seemingly been the victim - or perhaps the perpetrator? - of leaked nude photos.

Indeed, Twilight Saga star Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the beloved vampire franchise, is baring a lot more than her fangs in the pictures below.

We have no idea where they came from, but we do have a few theories. To wit:

  • Greene is sick of all the attention given to co-star Kristen Stewart; what better way to shine the spotlight on herself?
  • Greene is trying to attract Robert Pattinson. Look at what you could be tanging, R Patt!
  • The photos were taken by rumored new boyfriend Chace Crawford last night, following an evening of serious post- Teen Choice Awards partying.

Do you think the photos are real? Should Greene be fired if so? TAKE A LOOK AT THE ALLEGED ASHLEY GREENE NUDE PICS AFTER THE JUMP AND LET US KNOW!

Ashley Greene Naked

Wow. A headless, totally naked Ashley Greene photo? This actress certainly isn't shy about her body. Nor should she be.

We apologize for the censored shots, but come on. The Twilight Saga is aimed at teenagers. They aren't ready to see this kind of nudity yet.

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she took this years ago. waaaay before she was famous. do you know how many people take nude photos of themselves for a special someone? it's not for attention, it's not of jealousy, and it's not to win someone over. i feel bad for her, people don't have the right to put pics like that on the internet. everyone's a hipocrit. i agree with meghan. all the other stars go nude for movies, and yet no one cares. these are just pictures!!! it was in the past, so everyone who's bitching and complaining about how she should be fired better shut the hell up. she's a great actress and a great person who doesn't deserved to be fired for something that everyone else does. so ha!


there are real,jast wish i was close enough


there are real,jast wish i was close enough


ahhh these are oviously from ages ago, cuz hasnt any1 noticed?? she has long hair in these fotos!!! she shud NOT be fired 4 this!!! vanessa hudgens did the same and she didnt get fired so y shud she?! and vanessa's movies r 4 kids younger than twilighter's!!!


Well Fist Off She Didnt Put These Up Herself..And second this was before she cutt off her hair so these are old she doesnt even look 20 yet...Some One Leaked These Photos Without Her athority..i dont blame her and im 16 years old. just give her a break!!! shes so sweet and nice and kind,Ashley If In The End Everyone Has Hatred I Will Still Be Your Biggest Fan!(: Your Amazing!!


No big deal. People take nude pics all the time. Why can't celebrities do it? I'm not saying that they should be leaked out onto the web for everyone to see (and i am aware that some kids look up to her) but accidents happen. And she most definitely should NOT be fired. That would do more bad then good. GET OVER PEOPLE, SHE'S A FUCKING ADULT, NOT A CHILD. They were illegally leaked onto the web, not put on it to get "attention". Plus it's not like she killed someone. Just leave her alone.


These pictures were taken in the privacy of Ashleys home when she was 20 by Ashley herself. The pictures were stolen from her home by a supposed friend and sold for a high price. They were never meant to be seen by anyone but Ashley. She did not give these to anyone nor did she have any intention of disgracing the Twilight franchise. She is in the process of filing charges against the person who stole them from her. Yes she does know who did it.


These are old...she has LONG HAIR in thess pics...she doesnt have long hair anymore she has short hair now...remember she cut it..


I finally found the thing, most of the sites I've seen are scams but they're streaming the video over at free but I have no idea how long it'll stay up obviously) if it stops working they uploaded a backup to


yu guys saying she should be sacked are joking right?!! these are illegal photos her lawers have stated they and A.G will sue for these being distributed so maybe this site should remove them!!
they were taken before twilight!!