Ashley Greene Nude Photos Hit the Internet

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New Moon? More like nude moon!

Just days after the Internet was buzzing with Vanessa Hudgens naked pics, yet another young starlet has seemingly been the victim - or perhaps the perpetrator? - of leaked nude photos.

Indeed, Twilight Saga star Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the beloved vampire franchise, is baring a lot more than her fangs in the pictures below.

We have no idea where they came from, but we do have a few theories. To wit:

  • Greene is sick of all the attention given to co-star Kristen Stewart; what better way to shine the spotlight on herself?
  • Greene is trying to attract Robert Pattinson. Look at what you could be tanging, R Patt!
  • The photos were taken by rumored new boyfriend Chace Crawford last night, following an evening of serious post- Teen Choice Awards partying.

Do you think the photos are real? Should Greene be fired if so? TAKE A LOOK AT THE ALLEGED ASHLEY GREENE NUDE PICS AFTER THE JUMP AND LET US KNOW!

Ashley Greene Naked

Wow. A headless, totally naked Ashley Greene photo? This actress certainly isn't shy about her body. Nor should she be.

We apologize for the censored shots, but come on. The Twilight Saga is aimed at teenagers. They aren't ready to see this kind of nudity yet.


ok seriously the people saying fire her are either joking or retarded. what reason is there to fire someone for pictures of them nude or otherwise. she could be a porn star for all i care, doesnt change the fact that she is perfect to play alice or even bella and there is no way in hell they are gonna let her slip away. if anyone wants to pull a "role model" line out of their ass go ahead but there is no contract famous people have to sign saying they are there for ur brats to look up to. lots of them just want to be treated like everybody else and take Rob P. for instance he is pretty much stalked by crazy bitchs every day lol, google the twilight actors pics and im sure ull find many with them hiding under hoodies trying to sneak away lol


whatever. she is still awesome even if she made a mistake


What is this spam crap? No nude pics whatsoever, pretty lame....


Grow up people.
Its her life, she can do whatever the helll she wants with it.
Its not really your concern.
And yes there old people duuh, gosh some of you are stupid
IS IT YOUR LIFE? Uh No. so you have no concern over it,
her life, not yours, i would hate if poeple got in my buisnesss.


don't worriiiii i still feel for you so does my bff your friend, Jenna


what the hell is wrong with you people? she's the best actor!!! she's solid* and watch what you people say about her because you all need to step away from the mirror and realize the damage that will always be behind you all! love you ashely* your the best!! sincerely,
jobie pangelinan


Too make a big fuss of this is silly. We're so uptight in this country. In Europe people aren't ashamed of a naked body. She's not going too have that body forever. she's a beautiful woman, and a woman like that is going too turn on males and females alike, and she knows it. In this day and age if you take pictures like that, you know there's a great chance there going too be displayed too the world, and it's got too be a turn on for her as well. She should be proud of her sexuality and let other people enjoy it as well. She's done nothing wrong. If ya got it, flaunt it. She's one of the beautiful people. I haven't seen them but i'd damn sure like too.


How many people aregoing to call her a stupid bitch.


give this photos more


in the pic. she had along hair.


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