Anne Heche: Coley Laffoon is a "Lazy Ass"

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If you were curious what Anne Heche really thinks of her deadbeat ex-husband, she left little to the imagination on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Asked what her seven-year-old son Homer's father is up to, or specifically, what his deal is, the Hung star said, "Well... can you say 'lazy ass' on TV?"

Heche and Coley Laffoon have been bickering ever since he filed for divorce in February 2007 after five years of marriage. She said he was a loser who watches porn and hits strip clubs, while he has called her mentally unbalanced.

Last June, they reached a settlement in which the actress agreed to pay him a $275,000 lump sum and $3,700 per month in child support for their son.

But Heche is still bitter. Asked by Letterman what Coley Laffoon does for a living, Anne said: "Dave ... he goes out to the mailbox and he opens up the little mailbox door and goes, 'Oh! I got a check from Anne! I got a check from Anne! Yay!'"


Heche also scolded Dave for marrying girlfriend Regina Lasko: "I told you, don't get married. Forever engaged is a wonderful romantic thing to do."

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if he is working, why should he get any support from her financially? he must be a lazy ass if he wants to have her money.
but she shouldnt have discussed it like that on tv, it just makes her look bad....and i am sure that he probably is a big loser, but whatever. In this life you have to learn to rise above.


nobody FORCED him to waste his life on Internet porn and online poker


She shouldn't beat him up too much, I mean, nobody FORCED her to marry the guy.