Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt: Sleep on the Couch!

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Brad Pitt stars in the number-one movie in the country, Inglourious Basterds.

But it sounds like he's in the doghouse at home, if one of the top supermarket tabloids is to be believed.

According to the rarely reliable OK! Weekly, Pitt and Angelina Jolie jetted to France this week to work on their relationship. It's not going well so far.

“Brad has been adamant that Angie spend time with the family and focus on them with as much passion and energy as she does all her projects,” a source said, expounding on the issues at hand:

"Right after they got to France, Brad found a box of scripts that Angie had said she wanted to read. She and Brad got into a fight over it. Angie stormed out of the room and went into the bedroom.”

Brad Pitt has packed on a few pounds. In less headline-worthy news, according to this magazine, Ryan Jenkins murdered Jasmine Fiore.

The argument was reportedly kept away from Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara and the twins, as Pitt made like everything was okay with his kids.

“He played video games with the boys all night and made breakfast for the family in the morning, including fresh grapefruit juice for Angie,” said this insider, who appears to have incredible access to the family.

Hey, if things don't work out with Jolie, we hope Pitt remembers: Jennifer Aniston is seeking a famous guy to date!

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Gossip, gossip, gossip! Don't people have anything better to do than to spread lame rumors? In my opinion, gossip sucks, but, in reality, a lot of people love it and feed off of it. I guess people are people huh?


how does it feel angie to have Brad looking at other women when he is married to you now you know how jennifer feels when you did that to her I think jennifer is much better of a person than angie will ever be, brad was very dumb to have left jennifer for angie angie is very ugly inside and outside.


ugh, I still hate angie for breakin up brad and jen's sweet marriage! I think they're only together for the publicity and who knows, maybe ange is blackmailing brad to stay with her so that she dsnt get too embarassed.. Anyways,Im TEAM JENNIFER ANISTON!!! And I hope she dsnt get bak with douchebag Brad, she deserves better


I think that if Angie and Brad do break up, Jennifer shouldn't even consider Brad because he did make the biggest mistake of his life leaving her in the first place. God will definitly find Jennifer someone beautiful inside and out. She deserves that!!!


Do you know the saying bad publicity is good publicity?.. Brad and Angelina could very easily do this themselves. I'm not saying it's a for sure that I believe they are but it is very possible. The last thing a star wants to do is be forgotten in the public's eye. Not that they'd be forgotten very easily! They could be selling the info to them just as celebs sell their exclusive baby pics. They would get to censor the information the tabloids receive... I wonder why we all read these things? I usually try to see how reliable the stories sound but it's sad these gossip mags make money. People deserve privacy.


Gosh, the article was funny- the insider appears to have incredible access to the family- no duh of course this is fake- unless you're telling me that the so- called insider is an insect.


When the Americans get through with these pretenders they won't want to be in anymore movies. They'll be way out of the entertainment business.






This story come from Chinnifer Manfaceton's slave workers. Big lie. Move on bitches

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