Anand Jon Alexander to Be Sentenced Today

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Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander will learn what his sentence will be for sexually assaulting several aspiring models he lured to Los Angeles.

Then he's off to New York, to face similar charges!

Anand Jon, 35, may be imprisoned for the maximum possible under the law – three terms of 53 years and six months to life - if prosecutors get their way.

He was convicted on 14 counts of rape back in November. Some of his victims, ranging in age from 14-21, are expected to speak at his sentencing today.

Prosecutors said Anand Jon Alexander found women online, baited them with promises of glamorous photo shoots and modeling work, only to fondle or rape them at his Beverly Hills apartment ... yeah, 53 years sounds about right.

The rape case also included allegations of jury tampering by his sister, Sanjana, juror misconduct and Alexander's bizarre decision to represent himself.

Anand Jon Alexander will be spending a long time in jail.

In July, Superior Court Judge David Wesley found both juror Alvin Dymally and Sanjana Alexander in contempt of court after Dymally pursued a romantic relationship with her when he spoke to her by phone twice during the trial.

Alexander has been featured on America's Next Top Model and worked with such celebrities as Paris Hilton and Mary J. Blige. His website lists dozens of A-listers as clients, including Hilton, who is described as a fan of Alexander's jeans.

Beverly Hills police began investigating Alexander in March 2007. He is under indictment in New York on similar charges involving nine women.




shut up hamri!..... you should join this rapist in prison...


..this is absolutely injustice done to him..!! it is all bcoz he is an indian..!!.. Y IS STILL INDIAN GOVERNMENT NOT HELPIN HIM IN THIS CASE..?? OH GOD..JESUS , RAMA , ALLAH..!! PLS HELP THIS PERSON ANAND JON ..BE FREE..!!..i pray for him..!!..those girls could be definitely be lying..iam sure!! if he would have molested them..they should hve informed police immediately...y did they inform to police when he was becomin famous...!!
this clearly shows all the girls are lying..!! that girlss family ..everybdy will not lead a gud life and will not be happy in their life..!! their death will be horrible..!!..i give sin to them.. !! oh ..godd pls FREE ANAND JONS..!!


A straight fashion designer? No wonder Anand Jon Alexander got away with raping women so long. Nobody believed it.


Jay D - you should be jailed just for saying that.
This guy is a SERIAL RAPIST. Think about if it was your daughter.
The you can speak. Otherwise speak no more. KARMA IS A B$#%!


59 years in prison, wow that's insain! I bet the girls did their part in it and now they play innocent because of their partents and friends watchin lol


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