Alexander Skarsgard: What About Me?!?

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Last week, we asked readers to name the sexiest pretend vampire of all-time.

In less-than-shocking results, Robert Pattinson took home over three-quarters of the votes cast.


But was the poll even legitimate?

Sure, Pattinson was involved. And, yes, other handsome blood suckers - such as Tom Cruise from Interview with the Vampire and Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries - were pictured.

But we've received angry emails from True Blood fans that say no vampire comparison is complete without the inclusion of Alexander Skarsgard. As always, you've asked... we've answered!

Compare the Swedish actor, whose best known American credit is portraying Eric on this HBO hit, with Pattinson below. Then, cast your vote...

Who makes the hotter pretend vampire?


This ones soo hard! But to be honest its not a fair poll. Theres a picture of alex as a vampire but only a pic of rob as himself, therefore a cannot make a vote!


yea that's not fair i like them both and i love Robert better though


Alex, hands down.
Rob isn't all the pretty to begin with. Alex is smexy.


Give me a break. Alexander is not balding. He has a high forehead and that is fine by many of us. This guy as Lafayette said is, "Sex on a stick!" LOL


Alex!! :D Robert is a boy. Alex is a man. Twilight is for the little ones. End of story.


what about Pattinson anyway? he pretend to be a vampire who doesn't even have fangs....pleaseee!! Skarsgard is hell sexier than the Twilight boy...


ROB! I don't get this Alex obsession, that guy is even balding, please.


now it's not fair, they need a poll with the 6 vampires

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