Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood Beauty

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Warning, True Blood spoilers ahead:

Alexander Skarsgard is hot!!!

The actor, who plays vampire Eric Northman on the HBO hit series, poses below for a recent 2010 calendar shoot.

While he doesn't garner nearly the same attention as a certain, younger pretend vampire, readers actually voted overwhelmingly in Skarsgard's favor last month when we asked if he was hotter than Robert Pattinson.

Seriously. Don't believe us? Check out the following photo and this result might make more sense:

Alexander Skarsgard Nude

** UPDATE: It appears this is a fake. It's been photoshopped. But does anyone really care? Is the picture above not fun to look at? Thank you. That's what we thought.

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And yes, he is better looking than that photoshopped version. The man is perfect! *LOL* All hail His Sweetness, the Viking Vampire God of Sexy! And Alex ain't bad either!


this guy is a natural, he has the sexiest torso ever


WOW that man is a hotty-totty Tho I really prefer the hair back on his chest! I'm a fan 4 life! God bless his parents for bringing that man into the world!


This man doesn´t need Photoshopping!!! He´s perfect! Watch Generation Kill and see if you can breathe after seing some shirtless net-rolling Brad/Alex with pants hanging way low on the hips! Yummmmmmy! There are a few more of that in Gen Kill. Don´t forget to go in to slooooow motion mode! Aahhhhhhhh!


Actually, HBO has asked web sites to stop featuring this photo as he did not pose for this picture


Even though it may be photoshopped, it's probably not that far from the truth, or it probably very accurate. "WINK."


If you want to find a picture of Alexander Skarsgard shirtless watch Generation Kill. There are atleast four episode that he is shirtless in.


Who cares?:p ofc he's hot, he's from sweden haha


Pattison is a boy scout compared to Alexander. This guy is hot hot and totally sensual and even hotter than Bill.


His REAL body is even sexier believe it or not. But DAMN this man is so GORGEOUS!! I just want to do all kinds of dirty things to him.