Alec Baldwin Defends Michael Vick

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Alec Baldwin is known for uttering hilarious 30 Rock quotes. But on a more serious note, the actor writes on the Huffington Post about a topic that he takes very seriously - animal rights. Specifically, as they pertain to Michael Vick.

In a 60 minutes interview and a written apology this week, the football star-turned-dogfighting kingpin has begun the process of rehabbing his image.

But some people aren't interested in hearing Vick's apology.

While not condoning what the disgraced NFL star did, Baldwin says that Vick is being unfairly scapegoated and that people who demonize him are:

  1. Missing the bigger picture altogether
  2. Ignoring the fact that letting the football player try to rehabilitate himself may actually bolster animal rights causes in significant ways

Here are some excerpts from Alec's blog. See if you agree:

"What [Michael Vick] did is, obviously, senseless and reprehensible. But as a wealthy and talented athletic superstar who performs his job out in the open before crowds of highly opinionated fans, he suffers an unfair disadvantage.

As compared to, say, the heads of a meatpacking plant or the directors of a medical research lab where animals are suffering the cruelest imaginable abuse behind walls and doors that remove them from our sight and judgments.

Vick did horrific things and he deserved to be punished. He served his time and now I wonder what good does it do to exile him in shame and not let him become an example of how one can be rehabilitated after that kind of behavior.

If Vick returns to his true form as an NFL pro, that platform can mean real progress for animal rights. Do people really not want to open that conversation?

Each day in this country, millions upon millions of animals are suffering lives of daily abuse in factory farming, but we turn away because that animal, unlike Michael Vick's dogs, ends up on a grill and then on our plates.

Animals not raised as pets suffer in ways that you and I don't really want to know. And in economic hard times, support for groups like the Humane Society and other prominent players in the animal rights movement, drops precipitously.

To ban Vick, to simply cast him aside and simply hate him, knowing that someone in his position stands potentially ready to effectively serve the interests of the very groups and individuals that he most offended, would be a mistake.

Vick deserves another chance. One chance. Just like all of us who eat meat, drink milk, attend rodeos, circuses, zoos and horse races and yet find it easier to hand Vick the bill for all of the other, more systemic abuses in our society."

Is Michael Vick being unfairly scapegoated?


Okay I'm connviced. Let's put it to action.


He has not and will not spend a single day behind bars for animal cruelty as his federal charges were for racketeering. And as for remorse, Vick pled NOT GUILTY to animal cruelty charges at his state trial – and it was dropped in a plea deal. How can this man be remorseful for his crimes if he does not even believe he was cruel to animals?
I'm not against second chances. I am against rewarding people who commit criminal acts by giving them million-dollar contracts. And that's what the Eagles and the National Football League are doing.


I think Alec is right. There is much more to gain by not being a douchebag and letting Vick make amends, then by continuing to attack him. Nobody's saying Vick's innocent, or doesn't deserve the jail time he got. Nobody's saying dogfighting isn't a sport of major a-holes. It is. But what Alec is saying, and I agree with, is that a major a-hole who is truly sorry and makes big efforts to make amends should be encouraged, not attacked by the same kind of brainless violence that was inflicted on those dogs. And Alec's right about all the other horrible cruelty done to animals every single day by researchers, farmers, slaughterhouses, puppymills, and so on. Are all those people stepping up to say they know they're wrong and will work against the things they've done? Ha, don't hold your breath. Don't be as hateful as Vick and his friends were to those dogs. Rise above it and encourage him to use his fame to STOP THE CRUELTY.


The court was flawed in its sentencing of this "shit bag". Vick should also have done community service at a homeless dog shelter, caring for similarly abused dogs, for at least six months.





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