Alec Baldwin Defends Michael Vick

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Alec Baldwin is known for uttering hilarious 30 Rock quotes. But on a more serious note, the actor writes on the Huffington Post about a topic that he takes very seriously - animal rights. Specifically, as they pertain to Michael Vick.

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    Okay I'm connviced. Let's put it to action.


    He has not and will not spend a single day behind bars for animal cruelty as his federal charges were for racketeering. And as for remorse, Vick pled NOT GUILTY to animal cruelty charges at his state trial – and it was dropped in a plea deal. How can this man be remorseful for his crimes if he does not even believe he was cruel to animals?
    I'm not against second chances. I am against rewarding people who commit criminal acts by giving them million-dollar contracts. And that's what the Eagles and the National Football League are doing.


    I think Alec is right. There is much more to gain by not being a douchebag and letting Vick make amends, then by continuing to attack him. Nobody's saying Vick's innocent, or doesn't deserve the jail time he got. Nobody's saying dogfighting isn't a sport of major a-holes. It is. But what Alec is saying, and I agree with, is that a major a-hole who is truly sorry and makes big efforts to make amends should be encouraged, not attacked by the same kind of brainless violence that was inflicted on those dogs.

    And Alec's right about all the other horrible cruelty done to animals every single day by researchers, farmers, slaughterhouses, puppymills, and so on. Are all those people stepping up to say they know they're wrong and will work against the things they've done? Ha, don't hold your breath.

    Don't be as hateful as Vick and his friends were to those dogs. Rise above it and encourage him to use his fame to STOP THE CRUELTY.


    The court was flawed in its sentencing of this "shit bag". Vick should also have done community service at a homeless dog shelter, caring for similarly abused dogs, for at least six months.





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