Adam Lambert to Fans: Support Public Schools!

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But once you get your fill of entertainment scoop, where should you go to next on the Internet? Adam Lambert has an idea.

The American Idol runner-up has filmed a short, informative video, in which he explains the concept behind The site gives individuals the chance to donate money or pieces of equipment to public schools around the country.

It's another example of how Lambert is as big-hearted and well-grounded as he is talented. Watch his sales pitch below:

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This is such a great cause! I was a teacher and believe me, this program makes a huge difference to kids and schools in need. I love that Adam is doing this and making people aware of this program. He is not only an amazing talent, he is an amazing person!!


With so many idiots in the world doing nothing to make it a better place, it's refreshing to see a young man at the start of his career already doing something to make people's lives better. Adam Lambert is talented and honest and amazing. And if this video is anything to judge by he's also a very nice giving human being. Bravo Adam.


Adam is truely an angel, mega talented with a heart of gold. And as for homeschooling, most cannot afford to stay home,what about single moms who make up over 52% of families who sometimes have to work 2 jobs to keep things afloat.Studies also show that homeschooled have less cognitive ability when it comes to interaction with peers and then the transition to university or a job most have extreme difficulty adjusting,(Lerner & Adams) look it up.Besides what has this to do with the good Adam is doing, schools need this help, you would do well to look at reality and help out.


Not only does he possess the voice of an angel, whilst sizzling hot on stage; he is so real during his interviews, AND he has a heart of gold. Already he is using his good fortune to help children.... Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I've heard it before, now I have to wonder, is he even from this planet, you go Adam!!!!!!!!!!!


Aww, what a great cause to support! Really good idea, and before I heard Adam talk about this I had no idea that website even existed - but it's an easy way to donate money and then follow up on the result. It's pretty cool and definetley worth if for the children.


Nope-public schools!! YES to HOMESCHOOLING-the BEST way to go!!