Adam Lambert and Kris Allen: Together Again!

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You could almost hear the screams of NYC fans on the west coast this morning.

Indeed, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen returned to the national stage today, taking part in Good Morning America's Central Park concert series.

The American Idol finalists had more important things on their mind than the ongoing Paula Abdul status controversy: they were focused on simply rocking out!

Lambert and Allen were joined for a performance by season seven champion David Cook at one point, creating the most popular threesome since Wild Things. Check them all out together:

Awesome Trio
Good Morning, America!
Morning, Adam!
Friendly Singers
Top Idol
Quite Popular

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I really like all of them - would have loved to be there in person!


Kris was awesome. Heartless was the most energetic of the performances and loved the way he couldn't stand still during Little Lies. You could tell he wished he had his guitar on stage and could jam with the band.


Adam, as usual, was AMAZING!He looked so handsome and tall.I enjoyed his song immensely but I wish he would have rocked it and gotten the crowd going (which I'm sure he would have).Whatever he sings I always enjoy, though.I saw GMA for him and only him.Never get enough of seeing him perform!BIG ADAM FAN!


Loved the acoustic Starlight. And the bra comment? Sweet & funny. He is so gorgeous & so talented. Other-worldly almost.


I agree with Jo and most others commenting... Adam sounded beautiful and pure and I'm really loving the scaled down version of Starlight. I also LOVE the bra comment, it was hilarious and the interview would have been the same old boring GMA interview if not for Adam and his wicked sense of humor to liven things up. He's so beautiful it's almost hard to look directly at him!!!


Adam was very beautiful but alittle toned down. His voice was beautiful, but he seemed to be really taking it easy. Not sure if that was for GMA or just being cautious with his voice for the tour. I would love to have seen him give his brilliant Starlight performance he does on tour, but just love to watch him regardless. I thought the bra comment was funny, maybe a little wacky, but he had to do something out there or it wouldn't be Adam. Love the Rolling Stone video of his comments about Paula too. Adam just rocks!!


One song was not enough from Adam. He looked great and his voice sounded beautiful. I thought the bra remark was cute. Once again Adam showed his class by thanking the guitar player. Did all of those people attend to hear just one song from each of them? Wow, what a crowed for that little entertainment.


I looooveeee Adam anad whatever he does. He sang the song beautifully. I'm sure he's pretty worn out from the tour at this point with all the concerts and craze at the meet and greets. Maybe he wanted to save his energy a little. The bra comment was innocent enough. You rock, Adam!


I watched the concert, but felt that Adam was not allowed to be himself...yes, it is a family show and normally he knows just the right thing to say, but the bra statement could have been withheld. Chris got to rock out as did David, but Adam was held to a slow song (which he preformed flawlessly) but I believe he should have been able to rock out with the others. He is a Rock Star...I wanted to see him ROCK US!! and I would imagine the crowd would have also. Any one agree?


lol..i went right to the gutter

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