Adam Lambert and Kris Allen: Together Again!

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You could almost hear the screams of NYC fans on the west coast this morning.

Indeed, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen returned to the national stage today, taking part in Good Morning America's Central Park concert series.

The American Idol finalists had more important things on their mind than the ongoing Paula Abdul status controversy: they were focused on simply rocking out!

Lambert and Allen were joined for a performance by season seven champion David Cook at one point, creating the most popular threesome since Wild Things. Check them all out together:

Awesome Trio
Good Morning, America!
Morning, Adam!
Friendly Singers
Top Idol
Quite Popular

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omg!!!!!!! i wish i was there!!!!!!!!


ACTUALLY... Kris is the real winner and should be given the MOST air time. That other fag shouldn't even be on the same stage as him. If everyone is so disappointed that he didn't "rock out" like he usually does, that's because GMA isn't for rocking out like he does... or whatever he does. David can control himself and seems to do a good job anywhere he performs. He, like Kris, also won the deserving title of American Idol, so I think they should definitely have more time to perform than the 2nd place "act."


What do I get from all this? David Cook always has to be the center of attention or he gets a little pouty. Kris and Adam should have had a bigger part and should not have been delegated to back-up. This is the new season winners, and Cook is old news. He needed to take a back seat, or at least treated the other 2 as equals.


Absolutely LOVE Kris, no matter what he sings! Could definitely do without the other 2 ~ tho they were their usual "good."


LOL, loved the "bra" comments, and serves 'em right for calling Adam "Lampert" as well (twice). Loved the show and really would have liked seeing Adam on his feet during Starlight and a little more band in the background about half way through. Otherwise it was well sung and must have been difficult to sing sitting down, with its range of notes. I noticed the audience got very quiet during Starlight.
The videos are on the GMA site.


Adam was as usual perfect..beautiful to look at and to listen to. Always entertaining, funny and sweet. I can't get enough of this glittery sexy man


David and Kris are quite enjoyable and, I suppose, David gets sorta top billing because he is the one with the CD that's gone platinum.(Adam will have his time, believe me!) Or maybe Adam and Kris had limited time to rehearse since they just "droped in" so to speak taking a break from the tour.
But, I tell you what----Adam ROCKS no matter what he sings! His acoustic version of Starlight left my heart pounding. A beautiful song sung beautifully by a beautiful man! Truly magical. I can't get enough of him!


My mind went right to the gutter too. Anyway, I totally love Adam Lambert. Great voice and sexy. I really like the song Starlight too. I think Adam sung Starlight different in concert but maybe I am imagening things.


OMG! i love adam. he's like the coolest person ever!! and the best singer. kris is alright. i went to their concert a couple of days ago in washington DC and it was the best concert that i've ever been to! adam took his jacket on and everybody screamed and someone throw a bra on stage i think they do that in every concert!! he's sooo hot but i can never have him cause he's GAY! oh well he's amazing, sexy and the best singer evr!


I was really diappointed in the "concert." It should have been advertised as The David Cook show with appearances by Kris and Adam. I love David Cook and was a big supporter, but the stage belonged to him for Tell me lies. Kris and Adam gave it their best shot, but they eventually ended up being background singers and looking silly standing/dancing around. Adam's voice is unearthly. Too bad AI directors didn't use the more reserved approach in Adam's AI tour concert. As it was, the background music was so loud at times that I could barely hear his voice through the noise and screams. And I had great seats. At least on GMA, I could hear the lovely quality. And the comment on the bra. It was cute. Grow up people. GEEEEEZE--a bra. Give me a break.

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