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Another day, another series of Robert Pattinson pictures from the set of his new movie, Remember Me.

We're gonna go out on a limb and assume our female readers don't mind!

As Pattinson and Emile de Ravin continue to shoot the movie in New York City, rumors of a romance between the co-stars simply won't go away. A source recently said:

"[They act] like they’re dating, even when they aren’t shooting scenes.”

Let's hope Kristen Stewart hasn't been reading any of these gossip reports.

Hands on Hips

Meanwhile, in professional news concerning Pattinson, a release date has been set for Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight franchise. It will hit theaters on June 30, 2010.

This may seem like a silly question, but will you go see it?

As you plan ahead for the summer of 2010 already, check out more shots of Robert on set. Click on each to enlarge...

Beauty in Beige
Hands on Hips
Receiving Direction
Pretty Co-Stars
Rehearsing a Scene

[Photos: Fame Pictures]


Everyone needs to let him and whoever figure out what they want in private. I would hate to think that every aspect of my life was always played out in front of a camera and I am sure that he wishes at times, he had never got into this line of work.


nooooooo don't give up on kristen! She is far better than emile! Please, do it for me.... and for yourself of course! But since you don't know what is good for you, listen to me! Wow, I sound like a mom...


I was wondering when this movie ends to be shot!!!!
I want my daily dose of Robsten,not Emilie de Ravin!


obviously i will see eclipse!


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