Xavier Samuel: Excited for Eclipse Role

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Move over, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. At least for the next few seconds.

Your new co-star has the floor, as Xavier Samuel spoke out this week about his casting as Riley in the final two Twilight Saga films.

The X Man

Reportedly, the little-known Australian actor beat out American box office stars such as Channing Tatum and Tom Felton for the role. Samuel was shocked and excited when he learned the news.

"I was up against some truly great actors who I'm privileged to be considered among," the actor told a newspaper Down Under. "It's a fantastic opportunity.”

It could also be a scary one.

Reports on the set of Pattinson's new movie detail the extreme measures taken on behalf of the star against unruly fans.

Is Samuel ready for such attention? He'll have to be, as Riley is a vital part of Eclipse. The character is a student "seduced by the villain Victoria, who manipulates him in order to seek her revenge," Xavier described. "That's as much as I know!”

Sounds like more than most fans know about Xavier Samuel. Expect that to change soon, however.


He was in a band called Hyatus, there really good too!!


i reckon he's gonna b more in the film thn he is the book coz if u remember he is the one who sneaks into bella's house n steals some of her stuff to prove to victoria n the rest tht he can get to her so i rekon they will show tht wen edward realises it was him thye will probabky show scenes of him sneaking into her hous but not showing u his face as to try n be dramatic before bella notices her stuff is missing


Y NOT BRING HIM IN2 THE MOVIE! Riley is in it as part of the book and therefore has a need 2 be in it...! i thnk its awsum that hes gona b in it. and that the movie will be great!!


Ok if you are really a "Twilight" fan then you've read the books and therfore you would know that Riley has the smallest f-ing part in the book so why bring him into the movie? WHATEVER!!!!


In the book series Riley is only in Eclipse. I hope they don't screw up the remaining films like they did with Twilight. That was such a waste. I know it can be challenging turning a book into a screen play but what they did to Twilight - the movie - was just wrong.

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