Wes Hayden Throws The Bachelorette Under the Bus

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They say ... love, it don't come eaaaaaaaasy. They also say there are two sides to every story, and The Bachelorette's Wes Hayden wants to make his known.

The Austin, Tex., singer's eight-episode stint on the ABC show came to an end Monday after all kinds of controversy over whether he just went on the show to promote his music, and/or whether he had/has a girlfriend back home.

He's been called every name in the book, and that's fine by him. But Wes Hayden says it's all bogus, and he is simply a victim of deceptive, false editing.

In an interview on an Austin radio station, he addressed the #1 rumor that has plagued the alleged singer but also his alleged girlfriend, Laurel Kagay.

"I had a girlfriend last summer. She's still a very good friend of mine. Every now and then we'll go out and do lunch or something like that. I mean, I did some work for her mom, I'm good friends with her family," Wes Hayden said.

"I just called [The Bachelorette producers] two weeks ago, and was like, 'Look. I don't care what y'all do to me. You can say I'm the worst guy in the world and I'm here for publicity, that I've got a girlfriend. But don't mention anybody's name."

"As soon as you mention her name, people in Austin are going to know her, because we dated for a long time. Sure enough, they mentioned her name the very next day."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, according to Wes Hayden.

As for his nasty statement after being booted by Jillian Harris, in which he boasted, "I'm the only guy in The Bachelorette history who's made it to the top four with a girlfriend," Wes says his limo comments were completely butchered.

"They don't play what I say after that. I said, 'Only guy in Bachelorette history to make it to the top four with a girlfriend. Get real, dude. If I had a girlfriend, I'd be home with her right now, and I wouldn't be putting up with this $h!t.'"

"They did stuff like that all the way through. They take whatever they want and just play what they want. It's not rocket science. I promise. I do have a career. I've been a musician 14 years. I would not go on national TV and sink myself."

Wes does note that "there had to be drama, there had to be ratings" and that The Bachelorette chose him for it, otherwise "the show would have been boring."

But he has a word of advice for people considering going on reality TV.

"I think everybody needs to remember that this is a TV show, and it's here for ratings. If anybody wants to go on any kind of reality show they really need to consider what could happen to them, and think about it long and hard."

"If you do go on, don't say a whole lot, because they can pretty much do whatever they want. Basically when you sign up for a show like this you pretty much relinquish every right that you have," Wes Hayden lamented.

Love him or hate him, he did make Jillian Harris' journey a lot more fun to watch. Click to enlarge some of Wes Hayden's greatest hits ...

Jillian Harris and Wes Hayden
Wes Hayden, Jillian Harris
Jillian Harris and Wes
Jillian and Wes
Jillian and Juan

People watch tv in order to judge people. Kat - your comments are super judgmental. I'm not saying they shouldn't be, but it's kind of hypocritical to do the very thing that you're condemning. Judging people is part of the fun of reality tv - it's stupid and shouldn't be taken too seriously, but who really watches it without deciding which bachelor he/she likes best or which one they think is a slimebag (and who writes on discussion boards unless they're judgmental?). As for Wes - sure they made him out to be much worse than he is. That doesn't mean he's innocent of all deception despite his comments saying so.


I think it's sad that there are so many bitter women in the world. It's just a reality show which cast "characters" to make the ratings go up. Wes just happened to be the guy they chose to edit,twist his words around,and basically screw over. Some women realized this fact and didn't feel the need to judge him as a human being....and others seemed to be so miserable in their own personal lives that they jumped on the "I hate Wes" train just to have a reason to rant. I watch the show simply for entertainment...but it's not entertainment to watch someone's "real life" be shredded through editing. I wish Wes nothing but success in the future. If people can't watch TV without judging....Then they need to put the remote control down and step away from the TV,then walk outside for some fresh air and click their heels together three times and say "I need to get a life!!!"


So when Wes tells the other 3 guys at his final rose ceremony that "he'll be home having lots of sex" after he gets kicked off that night... was that edited too? Hmmmm... if it smells like a rat... it's probably a rat.


I work in television, particularly post-production sound editing. I can assure you that many of these statements from Wes on the show were clipped, spliced, what have you. After listening to the podcast, I am positive that his character was heavily edited to be slanted. I frequently rearrange phrases and words, often even syllables to make characters say certain words or phrases. However, I am working in fiction and not defaming anyone. Reality TV is about the most unreal thing you can imagine. Editor's are gods.


Early on in the show I despised Wes. I thought he was a complete douchebag. But as the show went on, I started to think, "There is something off about this...no way would he come on TV and say some of the things they showed him saying." It kind of surprises me that some people just believe what ABC is showing them. This whole season has been so staged...Ed's return, Jake returning to call out Wes...don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the Bachelorette, too, I just think it's funny how indignant people get and go as far as to call somebody they don't even know names based off of 8 episodes.


It would take a lot, and I mean a lot of editing to change Wes around. He's a jerk and has a lame excuse to save his rep, but it won't work. One song, not even that great, won't make him a star.


It would take a lot, and I mean a lot of editing to change Wes around. He's a jerk and has a lame excuse to save his rep, but it won't work. One song, not even that great, won't make him a star.




Wesley Hayden is a narcissistic creep. His statements could not have possibly been edited. All you have to do is watch him as he spoke and you can tell that there was no editing. His statements were definitely HIS statements. Get real people! The creep is backing down on his statements because he wants to stay in the limelight to sell his music. He is a conniving jerk. I hope his career goes down the toilette!


For all you Wes haters, you should listen to this podcast: http://realitysteve.com/podcas... It may not convince you 100%, but it will shed some truth...

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