True Player Jon Gosselin Juggles Mediocre Girlfriends

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Unlikely ladies man Jon Gosselin can't seem to make up his mind as to which rebound girlfriend he's sticking with, according to today's New York Daily News.

First, he brought 22-year-old party girl Hailey Glassman on a romantic trip to St. Tropez. They went public and gushed about their feelings for one another.

Then, despite reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was mad at rumors of him being romantically involved with Kate Major, the reality TV dad is all talk.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Major, 26, who resigned from Star last week after "falling for Jon," returned from the Hamptons to Manhattan Friday because "Jon had a business meeting and Kate needed to pick up some clothes," according to a source.

Wonder who that "source was." And what that "business meeting" consisted of.

The new couple were said to have gone back to the Hamptons after that, where Jon was seen playing football on the beach with friends, including you know-who.

Despite Jon Gosselin's recent hiring of PR firm Rubenstein Communications, it appears his shady BFF Michael Lohan has taken on the role himself pro bono.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Major

Jon Gosselin with Hailey Glassman, left, and Kate Major this month.

"He's fantastic, upbeat and said that he just wants to concentrate on his kids," Lohan said, completely contradicting what Jon has actually been doing.

"Jon is not with either one right now," Lindsay's father said of Hailey Glassman and Kate Major. "He's not concentrating on a relationship with any woman."

While Jon Gosselin says dating multiple women is not like his character, and he is focused on his kids, his words and actions in recent weeks beg to differ.

Just two nights ago, Jon confirmed that he is in fact dating Kate Major.

"I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me," Gosselin told E!. "Right now, my focus is on my my kids. My personal relationship is private."

Gosselin may not know what "private" means, as he spends his days posing for the paparazzi, befriending attention-craving losers and dating a reporter.

Who knows what the true player will say or do next. Just another week in the life of a newly-single stud. All we can do is tune in and be entertained.

Who do you think Jon Gosselin should date?


If he is your idea of a stud you are not looking at the right guys. He has a couple of chins, a fat gut and thighs and a geeky face. I think what these women see is $$$$. When the money is no longer flowing and he has to get an actual job these chicklets will be long gone. Has he ever held an actual job?


Kate was just crazy thinking she had only 8 kids but do you need to inform all wifes out there that YOUR HUBBY is one of your kids also. If he does not get his play time he will find someone else to play with...JUST look at poor pathetic JON who wants to get as much BUTTY as he can before he hits 40..but does not realize that his KIDS come first before his NEEDS...My kids have both of us here but I dont let my hubby run around with so called friends...that why he had his life before marriage..and Kate needs to realize it will only get worse since he makes money with being STUPID..running around without his kids..or wait is that his daughter...oh no it is his Girlfriend..or a BUTT BUDDY!

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