This is Why Danielle Deleasa Said Yes

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As previously reported, when Kevin Jonas asked Danielle Deleasa to marry him yesterday morning, the lucky 21-year old responded “yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row," Kevin said.

Of course, she did, most women out there are thinking. Have you seen Kevin Jonas?!? Have you listened to him sing?!? Swoon!

There's no doubt that Jonas is a talented hottie, but Deleasa was also likely pursuaded by his taste in jewelry.

We've uncovered the three-carat solitaire cushion-cut ring that Kevin picked out for his love. Check it out below, surrounded by 210 round diamonds. Brother Nick Jonas will have a difficult time matching this when he proposes to Miley Cyrus...


Did Kevin Jonas pick out a nice ring?


LMAO. These young JONAS BROTHER obsessed tweens are redicilious. The ones who act like they actually have a chance with one of them. For one, "kimberly", is miley a slut because shes rich and famous, or a slut because shes got nick jonas? can't be a slut for being a normal teenage girl (which is not always a good idea, but shes 16! do you expect her to act like shes 8?). I think if Nick marrys Miley then great, both talented people (slightly). But as for this Danielle girl, she did sort of get UNLUCKY cuz I think all the jbros are lame (to an extent), she did get the ugly one. But you know what this means! HE finally gets to lose his virginity!! WOOHOO FOR HIM!


and nick jonas will never proposed to a whore like miley cyrus I'm gunna laugh my ass of when he does propose to her. I'm not saying that he will, they're sixteen for god's sake, but with people so set on them NOT getting married, I'll laugh if they do. Anyways, Danielle is lucky. She got the Jonas that actually has talent.I wish them luck.


i don't think she said yes because of the ring...
(it is gorgeous though)
and nick will not marry miley. no. just no.
also danielle is 22 not 21...=]
ahhh i'm so happy for them! haha


check this out then:


Ok yeah she said yes cause i mean hello its the love of her life!!! love the ring he choose and he is hott just in his own way...and nick jonas will never proposed to a whore like miley cyrus


Sure, the ring is gorgeous. But Kevin being "talented" and especially a "hottie" is what's debatable!


@ alexis I know right? BUT, she got the fugly one in the group(smiles). He is a cutie, but Nick and Joe got the good genes =]. She is set for life now.


she said yes because he is keven jonas HELLO

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