The Real Housewives of New York City: Returning for Season Three, Casting for New Spoiled Women

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The Real Housewives of New York City is coming back for a third season of mischief and cat fighting on Bravo.

But will the cast remain intact?

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Last season's new troublemaker, Kelly Bensimon, was the first to sign up for another go-around on the reality show, as sources told E! News" "She is considered the most hated woman in New York and will do anything to reverse that opinion."

Somewhere, Ruth Madoff can't believe she was overlooked for that honor.

The Real Annoying, Spoiled, Self-Serving Housewives of New York City are coming back to Bravo in early 2010.

Then there's the newly-engaged Bethenny Frankel, whose rep has also confirmed her return to the series that made her famous:

"Bethenny Frankel loves being part of the Bravo family, and if invited back, she will 100 percent RSVP for the Real Housewives party."

But the same can't be said for Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer. These two are reportedly holding out for a raise, as insiders say they see themselves as the actual stars of the show.

"Bravo put out that press release saying they're casting for new housewives because Jill and Ramona are playing hardball," said a source.

What do you think, readers? Should the show move on with Jill and Ramona? Or is this pair integral to its success?


These two should STOP throwing roses at them selfs. You can find other housewives, New York is a big state. Lets move on!!


Welcome Back Real Housewives of New York! Here is something for you gals! Since Countess Luann is not countess by birth. So here some news for Bethney Frankel and Countess Luann. Ricki Lake is a daughter of Jewish-Ukrainkian Doctor(Father) and Italian Princess(Mother)! So is Ricki Lake Jewish or Royality?


GET RID OF KELLY!!! That girl is so whacked,,,and I have never seen anyone lie as well as she does, to whom ever will listen...she gives the show a really bad aroma. You can ditch Jill too,,she thinks she is just the top....can't stand her crap...she is the reason that she and Bethanny do not talk,,,Bethanny tried,,but the witch,,would not. Ramona adds some spice,,she is a looney toon,,,,but she plays both sides of the coin, so to speak...but ya got to get rid of Kelly....she is not an asset to the show at wonder Benisimon got rid of her...she is nuts, certifiably insane!!!!


Ditch Jill and Ramona. I would like to see some new housewives. I want to see the inside of their houses. I have had enough of the bad taste and arrogant attitudes of these New York housewives. None of the current housewives are worth watching. They are just constantly trying to sell anything. BORING!!!


It will be nice to see Ramona and Jill go. Bringing new housewives will bring more interest to the show
Ramona and Jill- GO HOME!


I could care less if self absorbed Jill came back. Her personality has changed over the last season, and it is noticeable on her blog site's also. People write to her, and if it dosen't have to do with decorating or how she can better herself or a compliment, I noticed she will not acknowledge a person.
Ramona just screams like an infant. Who cares about her? Ditch that Kelly also. She will NEVER change. Anyone who jogs down the middle of a busy street in the middle of traffic is a moron in need of therapy. Did you guys notice how she kept looking around to see who was looking at her ? LOL It was just too hysterical and pitiful. Bethenny and Alex are the only ones I care about. Alex is obviously the smartest of the group.
That was clear at the reunion show. And we all love Simon. As long as Bethenny does NOT whine about men, and show off her " Skinny " line 24/7, we will survive.


Keep Jill...bounce Ramona, her idiot daughter and weirdo husband.


The show is becoming a way for the housewives to promote their businesses, etc. Its becoming one BIG commerical ! I believe in self-promoting... but get back to the "housewife" part of the show... lets see their day-to-day lives... not how much money they can make by being on the show... come on already!


Jill is very replaceable. She is seriously over exposed and it shows. Her endless shilling for chocolates, fabric, charities and the like has become a bore and a viewing chore.
LuAnn and Ramona are also replaceable. Kelly would sign on first~why NOT add Ruth Madoff to the mix! Silex is definately worth keeping as is Bethenny~but the word is out that Bethenny has her OWN show! I can only imagine the behind the scenes fireworks!


I am tired of Ramona. I don't even like her and those eyes freak me out. I actually think this group is the most boring of the Real Housewives, but I'll watch them anyway if they come back. I liked Jill and Bethenny the best. Simon and Alex are ok also. I think that because they are so different it makes them interesting.

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