The Bachelorette Finale Spoilers: Reid Returns, Kiptyn is The Bachelor, Ed Proposes ... and Has a Girlfriend?

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On last night's episode of The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris bid farewell to Reid Rosenthal, to the surprise of no one, keeping Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke.

With the exception of Ed's performance anxiety and the show's hilarious ways of wording that situation, Monday's episode was fairly vanilla and predictable.

But now that Reid's gone and Kiptyn and Ed are the last men standing, The Bachelorette spoilers and rumor mill are starting to go haywire. Ready for this?

If our sources are to be believed ...

  • Ed Swiderski proposes to Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette season finale in two weeks (next week is the useless "Men Tell All" filler clip show).
  • The "unexpected confession" on the season finale is that Jillian's just-vanquished "Honey Bear," Reid Rosenthal, returns to say he loves her.
  • Kiptyn Locke has already been named the next star of The Bachelor.
  • Oh, and Ed may have a girlfriend back home.

Will Jillian choose Ed, Kiptyn, or a returning Reid?

First, Reid Rosenthal. You knew after DeAnna Pappas told The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick she "made a mistake" - this even before he chose Melissa Rycroft and dumped her for Molly Malaney - that The Bachelorette finale would include some stunt.

Reid coming back to Hawaii to profess his love for Jillian Harris, which he just couldn't quite do all season long and resulted in demise, makes perfect sense.

But is it too little, too late? Is it completely contrived? Probably. But is there a chance Reid can come back and steal this title in dramatic fashion? Sure.

It would certainly be a stunning (albeit blatantly scripted) conclusion that would fall short of the Jason-Molly-Melissa drama, but not by too much.

As for Kiptyn Locke, he has been rumored to have signed a deal to be the new star of The Bachelor for some time now. Mr. Perfect certainly looks and acts the part, making some fans wonder if he was being groomed for this all along.

Finally, Ed Swiderski having a girlfriend in Chicago?

A shaky rumor, to be sure, but our man Reality Steve has never been wrong before, so his Bachelorette spoilers have to be taken semi-seriously ...


Who will win The Bachelorette's heart?

The blogger reports that Ed Swiderski left a female in Chicago high and dry - a girl who “without a doubt” was Ed’s girlfriend before he left for The Bachelorette.

This girl was under the assumption they were dating when he left to film the show. He came back to Chicago (after bailing on Jillian) then went AWOL again.

An email was sent asking “So I guess we’re seeing other people now.” Ed responded with “No, I just need to wait until this show is over.” This girlfriend of Ed’s is under the assumption they are together and she just has to wait out the show.

Shady stuff if that's true. Wouldn't it be wild if Wes Hayden drama was manufactured and it turned out to be Ed with a girlfriend back home - who came back to bite him? Or if all this were a red herring and Kiptyn Locke ended up winning?

Thoughts? Opinions? Gossip of your own? Share with us below ...

Who will win The Bachelorette?


To Jennifer Jones, I agree with you. I don't like Ed at all. He already left and that's a bad sign. I really like Reid for her or Kiptyn. But she choose Ed in the end, made me think she's dumb. I don't like her anymore...


I can confirm the Ed-has-a-girlfriend rumor. What a creep!


She is totally lame. Her feelings were between Ed, a guy who ditched her earlier in the season and Reid, a guy who couldn’t commit to her until he was booted off the show. She also let Wes hang around forever. She might as well have chosen this guy:


WOW...POOR ED. Finally coming on after Jillian "cries" over not only Kipton, but Reed who comes back looking like he slept in his clothes on the plane. Ugh. If the guys loved her they would have said so. These were some pretty Classy & saavy guys the producers tried to look like 8th graders. So now Ed gets sloppy 3rds & suspect that's why he didnn't sleep with her earlier... nothing wrong with Ed... unless you call "class" a bad thing.


I feel sorry for Ed. I think he was probably the "classiest" of all of them... then has to come on in the end for another hookey ending after Kipton's dismissal ( after a season of continual kissing ) & Reed coming back in his silly clothes & proposing ) Ugh... talk about slopping 3rds. Ed had anxiety because he was too classy to have sex with a woman he wasn't sure he even cared about & clearly after she's had sleep-overs with others! Poor Ed.


The finale was a true slap in the face to Ed... Getting sloppy 3rds after all the kissing with Kipton & Reed coming back on & proposing & Jillian soooo distraught over Reid. Common producers... you can do better than this 8th grad stuff. This used to be a fun show to watch... But it's become way too predictable, scripped, & stupid. I'm done with it.


How can l woman fall for so many "guys" in one show... say she "idolizes" & is "crazy" about several of the guys... & put up with the SURPRISES of the show. This show has lost the little bit of REALITY it started out with. Way too "scripted" and I suspect it's going to lose some of their audience this year. These were a bunch of "classy guys" but they turned out looking like Sophmores in H.S. competing for the Homecoming Queen.


Another dramatic ending with drama & manipulation by the producers. Pretty "hookey" bringing Reed back on, I thought. And they spedn 5 min. standing & just looking at one another. Common Jill... Your man Ed is about to arrive, propose & give you a nice rock on your finger.. which is what you wanted. Wasn't it enuf when Ed came back... then the airline pilot came back? TOO MANY COMEBACKS! ( MADE THE SHOW REALLY SILLY... I'M SORRY )


Ed Lover is soooo Right about taking somemone NEW on the show.... Can we change the stoy line.... Can we bring someone new instead of someone who already went throuh all of those beautiful "voyage" and emotion.... Please bring some new blood :) Another thing have you evr think about having people aroud 28 and 34 :) Im 32 right now!


If Kiptyn is the next bachelor, he will be THE MOST BORING bachelor EVER!!!! I have no idea what you people see in that snobby, skinny little runt. Ed is sooooooooooo sexy, green swimming trunks and all. Reid is still a child. Let's get someone who hasn't been on the show before as the new bachelor. HELLO, there are millions of men out there.

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