Jillian Harris Chooses Ed Swiderski on The Bachelorette Season Finale!

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In an emotional season finale, The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris ended up with Ed Swiderski, ousting Kiptyn Locke and leaving Reid Rosenthal devastated.

After Kiptyn was rejected, it appeared as if Reid might sweep Jillian off her feet with his dramatic return to the show. But ultimately, Jillian's feelings for Ed, the Chicago native who left and returned himself this season, were just too strong.

The episode began on the big island of Hawaii and a date with her parents, Ed Swiderski and his chest hair. He admits to her folks that he used to be married to his girlfriend in Chicago job, but now is here because he loves Jillian.

Glenn Harris gave Ed Swiderski his blessing to propose to Jillian.

Then it is time for Jillian's date with Kiptyn Locke. They are reunited at last. They kiss. A lot. They kiss again. They say a few words. And so on, et cetera.

Asked if he's in love with Jillian Harris, Kiptyn says he's "getting there." Moments later, he admits (to the camera) that he is in love with her. More kissing.

After meeting both guys, her parents and hot cousin praise ... both. Jill is still torn. Fortunately, she goes on second dates with both of the perfect fellas.

Jillian Waits
The Limo Ride

Jillian Harris' decision on love did not come easy. Wes would understand.

Ed's goes really well, with no sign of performance anxiety. He confesses that he wants to be with Jillian ... forever. Hard to top that, although Kiptyn Locke tries, saying he's ready to commit and wants Jillian to - OMG - move to San Diego.

In a shameless plug for Neil Lane, the guys both pick out rings. The dudes are hella nervous. Jillian has made her decision and decides she is going to let go of ...

... Kiptyn. Even after he was gonna propose and stuff. Heartbreaking.

Sad as she is, Jillian can now focus all her attention on ... wait, is that a mysterious taxi pulling up! Yes! With Reid Rosenthal, who arrives, shirt untucked!

In tears, Reid says he had to pull "a million" strings to get back on the show (yeah, right), admits his mistakes, and professes his undying love to Jillian. Swoon.

He drops to one knee and pops the question! It's the most romantic thing ever. But ... crickets. Jillian: "I need to think aboot this." She leaves. Reid waits.

Fortunately, Chris Harrison is there to coach her. He tells her to follow her heart. Jillian: "How do I make a decision like this?" Chris: "Because you know." Pimp.

Jillian cuts Reid loose for the second time. That's gotta be rough.

Even a valiant effort by Reid Rosenthal couldn't stave off Ed Swiderski.

Finally, it's Ed's turn to walk across the pool and into Jillian's arms. He professes his love to Jillian once again, gets down to one knee and asks her to marry him.

She accepts! They embrace! Tears flow. He gives her a piggyback ride. Cue obligatory cheesy montage of Ed-Jillian highlights from weeks past as the credits roll!

Will Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski last?


Kiptyn's bald spot might do him in. He better get it while he can.


http://www.cafepress.com/redco... Team Reid. Enough Said. Reid as the next Bachelor!


i love ed to be with Jillian coz i think ed is very responsible and respectfuL.i watch the show and Ed have the charisma which reid and kiptyn doesn't have but they r gorgeous good looking guy,..Ed is a good looking guy too and with strong sex appeal..
,,,Ed is a father material,husband material and very responsible..he is reaLLy a good catch...
,,,for me as long as they r inlove and their attitude fits then Y not...
,,,don't be deceive too much on looks like Lucifer...
,,,Wish U aLL d best,Good luck to Ed and Jillian.
,,i am sooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy...............


Jillian took the lesser man, ED, to feel safe. Ironic that ED's name could be clue "Erectile Difficulties?" Hmmm makes yah think. Anyways, Jillian took the less attractive man because she knows that Kiptyn can easily get women whenever he wants even 10-15 years from now, she'll be turning 40 and fat, he'll be hitting his prime. Like George Clooney. And Kiptyn didn't even blink when she refused him because he's getting ready for the 1000's of ladies signing up right now for the next show. So good for Ed, that Greg Brady on growth hormones, you got lucky, for being a lesser man. It takes a woman with real solid self esteem to be able to handle a hot desirable guy. Like Angelina Jolie on Brad Pitt, and even that, she loads him down with a boatload of kids, so for him to leave would mean to hurt his kids


Sara- as far as I'm concerned, you are just as foolish for coming onto this website, reading Rachel's "hate" comment, and replying back with your lame excuse of a call-out on an internet Hollywood Gossip blog. But besides that, I laughed my ass off at this update. Loved Reid- she should be in love with him... ha, joking Sara.


Rachel - you sure seem to care a lot about someone's life who doesn't even concern you. Grow up. She picked who she was in love with. Be happy for her and stop acting so bitter. You people are all so foolish sometimes, coming on here and thinking you have the right to tell someone who they should be in love with.


so happy she pick ed, picking kiptyn would have been like, deanna with the skiboard man, and jason picking melisa, the lust pick never work... picking ed is like trista picking ryan,the long haul man.kiptyn was not ready for the committment,ne never even had his heartbroken,play your pass tivo he never even said he loved her,GLAD FOR ED....PASH


what the fuck she picks ed
fuck you jillian fuck you . that guy looks older than her
she sents kiptyn home
we love you kipyn from
I hope they don't last
sorry for the bad wish but i can't help it
kiptyn deserve better than bullshit jillian


I don't think they are made for each other.

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