Taylor Lautner for New Moon: Shirtless, Tattooed, Hot!

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Game on, Robert Pattinson.

Game. On.

Doing Promotion

In a just-released promotional photo for New Moon, Taylor Lautner poses with his shirt off and a sultry expression on his face.

This picture follows closely on the (hot!!!) heels of a still image from the movie, in which Lautner's Jacob comes ever-so-close to making out with Kristen Stewart's Bella.

Will Pattinson respond to the following pic, along with Lautner's attempt to steal his girl, with a topless shot of himself? Millions of women around the world sure hope so.

So, does this photograph of Lautner sway your mind? Do you think he's hotter than Pattinson? Let us know below.

Who would you rather sleep with?


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Yes my real name is taylor....... Ok here is my deal in the books I would pick edward cuz I have my own picture of him in my head and jacob is not hot in my head but in da movie taylor is way to hot for words no. Not hot ..........sexy!!!!!!!


DREAM ON teylor is wayyyyyy hotter then robert patterson


Taylor is supper sexy, and he is so nice in person. Id pick him over robert anyday!


taylor has the most sexy eyes ever like dannnnnnnnn! i will pass out if i ever meet this kids i have hes pick all over. i mean im team edward bt u no wat we have to say the true taylor does lok beter then rob, i love rob to he sexy on his onw way just like taylor is sexy on hes onw way


omg!!!! he is sooo hott and looks soo gorgouss we love him so much and my friends are so into him lol!!! I LOVE U TAYLOR


WELL WOW WEE!!!!!!!!!!!
What a hotty at 9:38!!!!!


Taylor Lautner is very handsome, his personality is awesome too. Everyone thinks Robert is hot because he is "The Hero In Twilight". Also, Robert's personal hygiene is gross. Edward and Robert are totally different people.


I'm definitely team Edward! I love Edwards personality way more than Jacob's in the books. And I think Rob Pattinson is very cute in the movie but I don't think he's that great looking in general. I loooove his smile but he doesn't have a great body. Taylor's body is hhhaaaaa sooo fine so I'd definitely have to say he's way hotter. He has a weird nose though. Anyone agree??


ummm... sori to urst ur bubbles team rob but taylor is HOTTTTTTTTT ok he maybe hotter than hell