Taylor Lautner for New Moon: Shirtless, Tattooed, Hot!

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Game on, Robert Pattinson.

Game. On.

Doing Promotion

In a just-released promotional photo for New Moon, Taylor Lautner poses with his shirt off and a sultry expression on his face.

This picture follows closely on the (hot!!!) heels of a still image from the movie, in which Lautner's Jacob comes ever-so-close to making out with Kristen Stewart's Bella.

Will Pattinson respond to the following pic, along with Lautner's attempt to steal his girl, with a topless shot of himself? Millions of women around the world sure hope so.

So, does this photograph of Lautner sway your mind? Do you think he's hotter than Pattinson? Let us know below.

Who would you rather sleep with?

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I think Edward is so ugly........But now Jacob is awesome!!!! He is hot!!! TEAM JACOB!!!


when i saw him take his shirt off i said damn i like it i just wanna take him to bed with me omg damn hes hottttt


Jacob is hot. All of the team Edward SUCK LIKE SHIT.TEAM JACOB RULES!:)


He is so cute.i think any reasonable gal wouid die for him


i think taylor is hotter robert is old!! i hear robert dont take showers thats gross i think taylor is hotter everybodys thinks so (some)but have to admit robert is cute in the movie:)(only)


I think team jacob is hot and sexy on twilight new moon because he takes his shirt off and shows his body


umm taylor lautner is hotter than anyone on earth


Tayor is hot and all ways will be....I LOVe TAYLOR....


R Patz is so NOT hot !! he wasnt even known before twilight hes only known as a hotie cause hes "edward cullen"
but taylor OMFG hess soooooooo SEXYYY (and im sure you can all agree on that) I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM
he doesnt need make-up to be hot and hes just the perfect character for jacob black
mz lautner xx


i now jacob is so hot when he has his shirt off omg o my goss