Tabloid: Kristen Stewart Pregnant with Robert Pattinson's Baby

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Let's hope that Robert Pattinson isn't giving in to the temptation of Remember Me co-star Emile de Ravin. Why?

Because Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Pattinson's baby!!! If the cover story in an Australian tabloid is to be believed, that is.

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According to Newsweekly, the actress asked a friend to buy her a pregnancy test last week. Describing Stewart as "nervous about the whole situation," the magazine's source would not definitively state that Kristen is actually knocked up.

Instead, the publication emphasizes that Pattinson and Stewart - who haven't even gone public with their rumored romance - are "now facing the toughest challenge to their relationship as they struggle with the news they could be parents."

Then again, of course, they could not be.

Kristen Stewart might be pregnant; Britney Spears is getting married, Jennifer Aniston is still crying over Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson may have been murdered. Dynamite reporting, Newsweekly!

Talk of romance between Pattinson and Stewart has been rampant, ever since the release of Twilight.

Some insiders claim these stars are simply friends, while other tabloids publish headlines that scream about their obsession with each other. What is the truth?

We may never know. But it's gonna take more than a report by some random publication in Australia to convince us of the pair's impending parenthood.

Do you agree? Or do you think Robert and Kristen should start picking out baby names?


haha are use joking its been almost 2 years now do u see a baby cause i dont there not together there mates lmao


if she got a baby ima be pissed like wtf wow


leave robert and kristen alone if she is pregnant she will be a good mum and robert will be a good dad so just lay off people and if kristen is not pregnant than she is not so just lay off.


Of course it's not true. This is like more than a year old, don't you think we had already seen the baby by now? d'oh


tilight was so awesome


i hope shes pregno there is a chance that the baby wood be super they totaly belong really exsited to find out. come on tell us already kris & rob.


please people leave them alone. If Kristen Stewart is pregnant then they will deal with it just please tell me that they are not really broken up. They are perfect for each other on and off-screen. Please tell me the rumors are not true they need to be together. Get back together guys. I'm so bummed out! I hate tabloids, they better still be together.........


leave them alone. i know from experince that these romurs cause stress. its unfair to do it to ppl like them bc they work hard to entertain us. leave them alone. theyd make fab parents.


omfg. its unreal how much drama a pregnancy scare causes. and shes like 19. like come on. and ppl u really cant say that shes to young bc i know from experince you may be young but you can still be a fab parent. its really mean to start rumors like this too i would know. so maybe just wait until they make an anouncement about it, if its actually true or not. R.P. would make a fantastic father and K.S. would be a pretty sweet momma. so lay off and leave these Twilight stars alone. im glad they


i do not think she is pregnant. they are just FRIENDS. on oprah rob said it as a joke. she is not pregnant!!!! they hold hands and act like they are dating but THEY ARE NOT DATING!!! get it through all of yall's heads they are NOT dating they are extremely close FRIENDS!!!

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