Susan Boyle Album Update: Production Underway!

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She may still have difficulty singing on back-to-back nights, but Susan Boyle is doing well in the recording studio.

American Idol judge Simon Cowell told People last week that the Britain's Got Talent finalist has completed one song for her debut album. How did it go?

"She sounds fantastic on record," Cowell said. "She's so good, the album is not just going to be show tunes."

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We can't wait for Boyle's new album... but we're gonna have to.

Following the singer's problems with hospitalization, stress and exhaustion, Cowell said he's going slow with her: "We're going to take our time with this [CD]."

As for other Susan Boyle news, we're sad to report that she will NOT be appearing on Ugly Betty. Too bad.


I heard "Wild Horses" and it blew me away. Fantastic!!!!!


In this age when looks are of the utmost importance, it is wonderful that an ordinary looking person gets to take center stage and blow everyone's minds with her spectacular voice. She is REAL - no plastic surgery, no false teeth, no boob-job, no Barbie doll look. She is 100% herself. Apart from her amazing voice, she has an outstanding lovable personality. God bless you Susan,don't let fame change you.


of all this about susan boyle, you ask if her fly is open !!!!!!!!


Is her fly open on the photo above?


Susan Boyle is a good singer. I like her voice and will support her.Good luck & more power.


when someone cares who has compassion a heart of gold takes abuse on the chin and sings like susan boyle they will be as beautifull as she is Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. we love you susan I play I Have a Dream over and over cant wait for your C D ANN JAKAB.


I can't believe you had to finish this story with a nasty little snipe about Susan Boyle's looks. Bet your mother is proud!!!!


I am looking forward to Susan's first CD. My only disappointment is that she is only coming out with one CD and not several CDs with different genres of music. I would want to buy all of them...


Susan Boyle's singing talent is likely the most spectacular to emerge in half a century. With the talent comes her wonderful sense of fun, her down-to-earth outlook on life, and her love for people. She manages her life with focus and fortitude. She has the admiration of millions and millions around the world. Time for the media, whether mainstream or gossip, to give Susan Boyle the honor she deserves!


Susan began the tour 4 days after coming out of hospital and she missed only 4 days on the first week. ALL of the other acts have had days off as well but the UK tabloids are not interested in that as they only want to trash Susan. She has done back to back shows, including matinees, in Scotland Wales and Ireland as well as in the UK. She has demonstrated she is an absolute trooper. She has received satndng ovations at every single performance. In between time she has also been working on the album. This says to me the lady has guts, determination and strength of character as well as fantastic singing voice and a stage presence which those lucky enough to have seen her live say is phenomenal.

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