Steve McNair Will, or Lack Thereof, Sparks Dispute

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It appears murdered NFL star Steve McNair left a mess behind, and not just because of his affair with Sahel Kazemi that was revealed upon his death.

A legal fight over the star's estate seems to be taking shape, as Steve McNair did not leave a will - at least according to his wife, Mechelle McNair.

Mechelle has been named administrator of his estate. She's named her two sons, Tyler and Trenton, as heirs. But here's where it gets weird.

McNair has two older sons from a prior relationship - Steven McNair, Jr. and Steven O'Brian Koran McNair. Mechelle did not list either as an heir.

Under Tennessee law, Mechelle McNair, as his wife, gets 1/3 of the estate and the remaining 2/3 is split evenly among the deceased's heirs.

Why Mechelle failed to mention the other two kids, no one knows.

There are reports she's not convinced Steve McNair fathered the two, even though one received $500 a month in child support from the quarterback.

Meanwhile, the late star's agent is being coy about the possibility a Steve McNair will really does exist after all. So we'll have to stay tuned there.

McNair was shot and killed early July by his lover, Sahel Kazemi, in a gruesome murder-suicide in Nashville. Mechelle did not know of the affair.

Friday, Adrian Gilliam Jr. was arrested in connection with the killings, having allegedly sold Kazemi the gun used to take McNair's life a day earlier.


JB - love it but have to correct can list alledged heirs - hence sometimes people do you know they were apart of an Estate and just receive notice. With that said the Executor or Administrator (in this case since not Will has surfaced) can list heir even heir that are NO relations.


Guys, before you start all the judgements, KNOW THE LAW! She was exactly correct in her filing of the estate. She can ONLY file for herself and HER two children with Steve, Period! She has NO ability, nor right, to file for someone NOT related to her! Think about it. Now, for an update, a filing has been made for the other two boys by their own counsel as it should be. Ms. McNair has done NOTHING wrong, selfish, or incorrect, well except stay married to the slime ball. Just this week ANOTHER babies mama in Miss has come forward and said Steve is the father as well. For this man to have an estate of $19 million and leave no will to protect his family just shows you what a selfish pig he was. Best of luck to the McNair family, many blessings, and please ingnore the ignorants on here who have no idea what they are are talking about.


In tragedy there are no winners. If Steve said all four children were his then that is how it should be - however no matter how many children are listed on the Estate - all children have to be proven BEFORE any Estate settles. So whether she listed the other two or not - which she could have listed them as "ALLEDGED" until proven - the two will not be excluded this is only phase one. Judging from his lifestyle Mechelle better pray it is ONLY the four.


I think this man lived his life with no regard for his wife or his kids and his death was due to his own disregard for all of them. In his death his wife should embrace the two kids he apparently walked away from and include them in her family with her kids- do not continue the same selfish self centered life that this man led and died for. Dont let that be the only legacy his kids- all four of his kids- have left.


Do anyone know if the mothers of the older boys have come forward,and if so what are their intentions.


Mechelle, I don't know you but I have you in my prayers and thoughts. This is an awful situation. I know that Steve would be happy with your decision on his kids. please keep God first and move away and start a new life. You are young and beautiful and God will guide if you stay in his will. You have endured a lot of pain. it is painful to lose a love one any way but you have lost a love, husband and your children father. I am not here to judge you. I know you are going to do the right thing and like I said early. I do not know you but I am a woman with children and I love my husband. I know Steve may have hurt you but you go on and keep going on. It is a brighter day and God did not do this but he allowed this to occur. So, just pray and keep your children close and smile when you want to cry. Things will work out for you and his dear mother and family. God bless you all


Tell Mechelle to get a DNA with her kids,you do know yo attract what you are .Liars and Cheaters.


mechelle I lost all respect for her she needto do the right thing steve did not he was going to die,just like none of us do .Iam praying for the older kids they will get what belongs to them.


First of all, the media and everyone needs to get it right...she did list the other to boys as possible heirs!!! She is doing exactly what needs to be done to ensure that the estate is protected!!! It is so sad how a lie or an untruth can propogate so quickly but people will not spread the truth. So, please before you go and make judgments or call an action as being vindictive, please get the facts first!!!


That's just wrong. Yes maybe he cheated and had those other kids by cheating on her, but wrong is wrong, I understand looking out for your children but he was her husband and when you except him you except what comes with him, children wise. If she felt that way they should have had a DNA test early in the marriage. That's what I did with my husband because situations like this do happen.I have lost respect for her. Those boys are without a parent as well. What could 500$ a month for childsupport do for anyone.Please this will most likely proceed to court. Good luck to all the parties involved.

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