Former NFL Star Steve McNair, Lover Sahel Kazemi Killed

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Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, who made three Pro Bowls and led the Tennessee Titans within one yard of forcing overtime in Super Bowl XXXIV, was shot and killed July 4 along with his rumored lover, Sahel Kazemi.

His wife, Mechelle McNair, may have only learned about the gridiron star's affair with the gorgeous young woman after the clandestine couple's grisly deaths.

Nashville police confirmed that Steve McNair, 36, was killed by four bullets at close range, two of which hit him in the head, and ruled his death a homicide.

His lover, Sahel Kazemi, 20, died of a single gunshot wound from the same semiautomatic weapon found on the floor under her body, police also said.

Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair, a dad of four boys, were dating for several months, friends told cops; McNair apparently kept the affair a secret from his wife Mechelle.

Police stopped short of calling the slayings a murder-suicide carried out by Kazemi, but said they are not looking for any suspects. Cops ruled McNair's death a homicide and have not ruled on Kazemi's death, citing the need for more tests.

Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair, a dad of four boys, were dating for several months, friends told cops; McNair apparently kept the affair a secret from his wife.

Kazemi's aunt Sepideh Salmani told The Tennessean newspaper that after they met a sports bar where she was waitressing, "They exchanged phone numbers, and started dating from there." They also recently went on a tropical vacation together.

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Salmani said her beautiful, raven-haired niece believed that McNair was in the process of getting a divorce. Kazemi's sister told
The Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville that Sahel Kazemi had expected to wed Steve McNair.

"She said they were planning to get married," Soheyla Kazemi said.

Investigators said Steve McNair had been drinking at a pair of Nashville bars Friday - Blue Moon Lagoon Bar and Loser's Bar - into the early-morning hours of Saturday and then returned to the downtown condo he shared with a pal.

Although neighbors have not reported hearing gunshots, cops believe McNair and Kazemi died about 2 a.m., nearly 12 hours before their bodies were found.

There was no sign of forced entry at the condo, and investigators are checking whether the couple had been having a "lovers' quarrel," cops said.

It was not immediately known whom the pistol belonged to, although McNair did have a permit to carry a gun, police said. Kazemi, who was raised by an aunt in Florida after her parents were killed in Iran, moved to Nashville with ex-boyfriend Keith Norfleet.

Norfleet, whom investigators want to talk to, had a "volatile" relationship with Kazemi but was trying to win her back from McNair, his stepmother said.

"They had a lot of jealousy in their relationship and they'd fight and break up a lot," said Trudie Norfleet. "He loved her. ... He's awful torn up about it."

The quarterback, renowned in Nashville for his extensive work in the community, rented the condo overlooking the Titans stadium with sporting goods dealer Wayne Neeley, who called McNair's best friend after seeing the bodies sprawled on a couch.

Steve McNair, Sahel Kazemi

Life is about choices. Before us is life and death. We are drawn away by our own lust. His might have been ADULTERY, hers was FORNICATION and ours might be GOSSIPING or failing to walk in FORGIVENESS and LOVE, JUDGING or whatever. None of us have any stones to throw. So just drop the stones. He without sin cast the first stone. I thank GOD for MERCY & GRACE in some of my pass choices. I've learned to pray for others. Just think ... it could have been you or I. Peace,Joy and Love to all


Look it is sad that his misbehavior cost him his life. Like so many others have said them middle eastern folks are NO Joke!!!!I am sorry for the wife and kids...The 20 year olds family semed to know about it and encouraged it. I have been in a place where I felt like a wanted to put a man six feet under...But also strong enough to walk the HELL away....


McNair doesn't deserve to be killed but, what is it with these pro athletes cheating on their wives with way too young, un-stable,girls with money in their eyes and a semi-automatic in their purse. Kinda a cliche'. Is it just my imagination, but these girls always turn out to be food serveersor hotel workers.


So, they went to the "Loser's Bar" that night? How appropriate- 2 lying, cheating losers at the Loser's Bar.
As for Billie's dumb comment- in case you've never read anything about adultery- the majority of stupid, lying cheating men get away with it. A woman can pay PLENTY of attention to her marriage, but if she is married to a good liar, she still may not find any evidence. She probably didn't know anything about it. I guess the losers got what was coming to them.....


Like the bible says whats a man to gain everything and lose his soul; all I want to know is to the cheating men out there is it worth it?


No one has the seat nor rank to judge McNair nor his mistress!!! So, whatever the two had going on, they're the ones who will have to answer to the Almighty, not I or anyone else for the matter!!! Just make sure your house is in order!!! And allow the evidence to present some facts about what happened!!!! All of us need to pray and get to know "GOD" and what he represents. Truly, my heart goes out to both families regardless of who was wrong or right. Lastly, there's only "1" judge who's judgment matters in the end...


I sure didn't think Steve was the stereotype. But , He was. What is it with these people having to have a woman on the side? It is so common. I don't understand.


So the guys finds two dead bodies and calls McNair's best friend first instead of dialing 911? Stupid.
You date a married, middle-aged, ex-NFL player less than 6 months and you think he's going to marry you? Stupid.
You buy an Escalade for your jumpoff and take her on private vacations? Stupid.
My heart goes out to his wife who is now left to grieve and be humiliated with the seedy details of her stupid husband's affair.


What a year, to many deaths already !! Who else is going to be leaving us so soon.


I'm sorry about the loss of a life i hope while he was dying he had time to repent because hell is real. My prayers are with the wife and children because now his children don't have a daddy. i also hope being that the birthday present(cadillac esc.) was in both of the deceased names that Mechelle McNair gets possession of it. It's no good thing that comes out of adultery and i'm a firm believer that if you don't want a marriage get out of it instead of playing games with peoples life. That's a terrible feeling and to have to find out like this. Mechelle bestrong in the Lord, keep your head up high and wait on the lord. Some good man will replace him and help be a good daddy to your sons and will help you spend that estate money.

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