Steve McNair-Sahel Kazemi 911 Call Released

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The 911 tape placed after Steve McNair and girlfriend Sahel Kazemi were discovered dead has just been released by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

The late NFL star's friend, Robert Gaddy, made the call and was hysterical as the dispatcher desperately tried to get information from him on what happened.

Wayne Neely, Steve McNair's roommate at the Nashville condo where he was found, initially discovered the bodies and notified Gaddy to make the 911 call.

Cops announced yesterday that they believe Sahel Kazemi murdered Steve and then killed herself in a grisly murder-suicide. The two were having an affair.

Steve McNair, 36, was married to Mechelle McNair (belw), and had been since 1997. It is not believed Mechelle knew about Sahel Kazemi, 20, or vice versa.

Follow the link to listen to the 911 call. It is unpleasant.

Mechelle McNair, wife of Steve McNair, must not only cope with her husband's murder and raising their four children alone, but with the revelation of his affair.


Tragic situation, certainly he made a big mistake stepping out on his wife. We men have loving wifes at home, but we still are not satisfied. This should be an eye opener for all men and women who cheat. It's just not worth it.


McNair-great quarterback-lousy husband.


It's clear I made a grave mistake when I made women. They are nothing more than whore and sluts presently. The quality of women has surely downgraded over time, they are worthless and all they do is bring more death and destruction into the world with their 24/7 open vaginas and babies.


'It is not believed Mechelle knew about Sahel Kazemi, 20, or vice versa.' Gwyka, that wasn't nice. You're the one who didn't read the article correctly. My only hope is that the families involved find the strength to continue their own journeys, especially the children. God bless!


Read the article again Brainless Female - it says the WIFE didn't know about the GF.


Such bull. Of course the mistress knew about his wife. It's been said over and over that she told her family and friends he was divorcing his wife.

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