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They would make very good looking babies!


totalmente false zanessa es una pareja q va a durar hasta el fin dl mundo y megan fox esta obsesionada con zac efron lo uniko q tengo q decir sobre esta noticia es totalmente falsa o alguien ha visto fotos d ellos en el restaurante? lo dudo ZANESSA FOREVER AND EVER


Okay, one; there's no proof. Witness statements are like Chinese whispers and can be twisted to make the truth seem more newsworthy.

And two; as if Zac Efron would cheat on Vanessa Hudgens. And as if Megan Fox would sink that low to take the 3 year boyfriend of a good friend.

Everyone's seen how Zac and Vanessa look at each other and still do and that's all the proof you need to see how much they care about each other.

And with Megan Fox. Being someone who's just gotten the spotlight for two films, she wouldn't bite one of her friends in the ass by stealing their boyfriend.

One word for this whole thing. Fake.

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