Spencer and Heidi Pratt Know How to Be Famous

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Lauren Conrad may be a best-selling author thanks to her debut novel, L.A. Candy, but it looks like her former Hills co-stars Spencer and Heidi Pratt are now angling for their spot on The New York Times best-seller list as well.

The duo will be releasing a book together this fall. The title? How to Be Famous. Spencer posted the news of the book's release on (what else) his Twitter.

"I hope once the Speidi written book How to Be Famous that comes out this fall people will hate less because we shared the blueprint," Spencer Pratt said.

"After How to Be Famous hits stores you will absolutely have no excuse to be jealous of Speidi fame for 'nothing.' Go get your own fame it's easy!"

A Speidi Smooch

Their entry into the world of book publishing is the latest addition to the couple's quest to dominate the world. The duo have not only become reality stars, but both Spencer and Heidi Pratt have embarked on their own music "careers."

Heidi will sing at the Miss Universe Pageant August 23. And Spencer?

"I've always known that I secretly am the hottest rapper in the game," Pratt said. "I'm the white Jay-Z. I'm doing the baller thing. I'm more for the streets."

Sure thing.

Yesterday, the gruesome twosome went shopping for baby clothes at Kitson. But don't worry, Heidi Pratt is not pregnant - she was seen picking out something that said "My Dad's a Hunk," so that rules out it being for her own baby right there.

Click to enlarge more pictures of Heidi and Spencer, doing what they do best (we imagine staging photos and cashing in is an entire chapter in their book):

  • My Dad is a Hunk
  • Heidi Pratt Image
  • Baby Pratt?!
  • A Speidi Sighting!

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Omg what a pair of losers. Why does Heidi have to put on some over-exagerrated pout every time they pose for the cameras!!!???Gets on my tits


These two make me nauseaus(sp?). Lol at the 'My dad's a hunk' quip. Heidi's a fucking idiot for marrying someone who treated her like crap. I really do feel sorry for their future children.


please THG, stop publishing stories about these two. we are sick of them.


I have a fictional book written by Alison Bond called 'How To Be Famous' is there a copyright law on book titles if so I hope they get sued.


To Karen, because People love to hate them. Whether you liek it or not, they sell stuff. And if the website didn't report gossip about celebs then it wouldn't be a very good celeb gossip website would it?


I stopped watching Get me out of here, I dont watch but if I did wouldnt watch the Miss Universe Pageant and now they are writing a book. IF I NEVER HERE ABOUT THEM AGAIN, IT WILL BE TO SOON. I have never heard anyone talking good about them, why do you people insist on giving them the time of day