Source: Shauna Sand Used to Boink A.J. Lamas

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Lorenzo Lamas once starred on The Bold and the Beautiful.

If the following story is true, that's nothing compared to the soap opera that played out in his real life. Star says the actor left his fourth wife, Playboy model Shauna Sand, when he discovered her affair with A.J. Lamas, his then-18-year-old son.

That would be even weirder than Morgan Freeman and E'Dena Hines.

According to a pal, the secret romance carried on for months in 2002.

"He thought Shauna was acting like a mom to A.J.," a friend of Lorenzo Lamas said of the scandalous affair. "He had no clue that she was his son's lover!"

Shauna Sand Picture

Did A.J. Lamas nail his dad's ex-wife, Shauna Sand? [Photos: Fame Pictures]

"Shauna came on to A.J. Lamas," the friend of Lorenzo's says. "It was the ultimate betrayal. Lorenzo had no idea; he was in the dark about the whole thing."

But Lorenzo Lamas is no longer in the dark.

Rumor has it the public will get a chance to see his reaction to the likely made up scandal on the new reality show that the Lamas family is currently filming for E!

That show will star A.J.'s sister, The Bachelor skank winner Shayne Lamas.

Whether this is true or not, Sand pursuing younger men is nothing new. The 37-year-old party girl is currently dating twentysomething Gregory Knudsen, and is estranged from interim husband Romain Chavent, also in his twenties.

Our question: Is going from Shauna Sand to Lindsay Lohan a lateral move for A.J.?

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I think Lorenzo is gorgeous, more so than his son and even more handsom than his father ! But at least his father had a heart and was fairly decent to his women. Lorenzo should learn some manners & decency and he'd be the whole package. He should also forgive his son -- he's his flesh & blood and life is too short to carry a grudge about some cheap-trick (aka Ms. Sand).
Forgive and forget Lorenzo !!!!!! He's your son for God sake !!! And you don't have much room to "talk" -- so to speak ! A. J. needs you -- he's been punished enough !!!


The apple doesn`t fall far from the tree.


. . . . goes around, comes around ?? ~ ~ ~ ~ Including, Father-Like-Son STD's.


This is juicy! And I so hope it IS true! Way to go AJ! Give that manwhore of a father of yours a taste of his own medicine. How many women has Lorenzo left heartbroken and humiliated? What goes around, comes around.