Solange's New Bald Haircut: Hot or Not?

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Solange Knowles, the lesser-known and long-suffering sister of Beyonce, has long resented the inevitable comparisons to her famous diva sibling.

She once joked that she would "go crazy like Britney" if people kept comparing her to her sister. Well, people apparently didn't heed her warning.

With her new haircut, Solange is channeling her inner Britney Spears in a big way. And by "haircut," we mean shaved head. We mean Solange is bald.

B's little sis hit the streets of L.A. in a new shorn hairstyle yesterday. The 23-year-old completely shaved off her locks for a "low-maintenance" look.

"Low-maintenance" is apparently the code for bat$h!t insane. Check out the photo comparison below and tell us what you think of Solange's haircut ...

  • Solange Hair
  • Solange Knowles Buzz Cut

Do you like Solange's new haircut (bald head)?


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I love it solange is doing solange why do we have to do anything to please anyone else damn demi moore did it and sobody said sh** about her hair. I think its sheik girl keep doing you. It's sad in america if it aint long and flowing down your back its wack get a clue god made all types of people for your info hollywood they where there hair like this in africa in certain tribes. get a life.


She needs to use the cream remover to be shiny head bald, that would be fresher. Right now its no neat. If she going to be bald do it right!


I kind of like it... more here: I love this website


I kind of like it....more here:


For all we know, her hair could have been like that underneath them lace fronts all along..yawnnnnnnn...........


I think its cute...not too sure about the outfit. Love Solange its her hair she can do what she wants. Everyone doesn't want to walk around with a head full of weave all the time.


You look like great, but you looked better with hair.


Its cool, but not on her. i like Kayne west's girlfriends baldness i think its both hot and girly. Solange needs to get herself a wig and save herself the embarrassment.


they always wear weaves anyway so you never know how short her hair really is. So no big deal it can be long tomorrow with a lace front wig like her sister always uses


Calm yourself! Don't take a hissy fit now! Nobody is really saying she went crazy!! Its her hair, let her do what she wants with it lol.