Solange's New Bald Haircut: Hot or Not?

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Solange Knowles, the lesser-known and long-suffering sister of Beyonce, has long resented the inevitable comparisons to her famous diva sibling.

She once joked that she would "go crazy like Britney" if people kept comparing her to her sister. Well, people apparently didn't heed her warning.

With her new haircut, Solange is channeling her inner Britney Spears in a big way. And by "haircut," we mean shaved head. We mean Solange is bald.

B's little sis hit the streets of L.A. in a new shorn hairstyle yesterday. The 23-year-old completely shaved off her locks for a "low-maintenance" look.

"Low-maintenance" is apparently the code for bat$h!t insane. Check out the photo comparison below and tell us what you think of Solange's haircut ...

  • Solange Hair
  • Solange Knowles Buzz Cut

Do you like Solange's new haircut (bald head)?


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there nothing wong with a women cutting her hair but solange doent have the rite head


Im glad to see that other black girls are starting to realize that the whole "straight blonde hair" or permed hair, was some coon shyt. Obviously she's going natural, thats why she didnt get an edge-up. I cut my coon hair, (permed hair), off about 3 months ago. Best thing i couldve done. Gawn girl, I hope it rubs off on your sister. She needs it. Everytime I see one of her damn videos shes trying to look the closest to a white girl...especially on "Halo". I know thats your sister, I like her too, but it is, what it is.


Y'all are getting so upset over her former "hair"..umm all that shit was FAKE..A WEAVE!!..she's prolly been close to bald THIS WHOLE clueless


When a women is confident enough to do that(as long as her head has the right shape) I say go for.


she does not have a bad shaped head at all, and she's young and beautiful right now so this does not look harsh on her it just gives her a more natural earthy indie arie type of vibe and not that glamour girl look, like her sister has. but she's gorgeous with a great voice and all this does not make me less of a fan and yeah it will all grow back so right now who cares.




she is probably tired of the waves and wants to go fully natural without chemical straightning like an india arie feel... natural is beautiful it will grow back and shell probably rock a fro style...people get a life and know that a lot of us black woman like to go back to our roots.............


You have to have the head for this style. Solanges head is too damn big for this. She has confidence thought, I tell you that much.


It's gonna be a cute little natural curly style when it starts growing back. The people who are hatin' are brainwashed and conditioned into believing that a woman is only beautiful with a European inspired hairstyle. You have to have a lot of self-esteem to cut off you hair in this disfunctional society...don't u hate that you are not that brave...some people are ugly with lots of hair and can't ever change their least she's cute either way. God Bless the Haters!!!!


oops forgive me people mistake in typing wear their hair like this in Africa. and nobody said nothing about demi moore's cut and why she gotta be going crazy. boy America you take the cake and ms. spears is tired of the media that's why she did it you always got something to talk about. You make money off of gossip so sad. Every time you turn around you see a white woman with hair flowing down her back on TV and that's supposed to be beauty.Damn when their hair gets wet they smell like dog. We got our own style always have and always will. that melanin we have in our skin makes us naturally beautiful. and that sh** beyonc'e got aint real I love beonyc'e dont get me wrong but that is bought hair. but if she went natural the media would talk about that also. you would problably say she's to black hell india Irie was bald erykah badu was bald. get over it