Should Kim Kardashian Date Chris Brown?

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Following her recent break-up with Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian is a single woman.

Months after his pummeling of Rihanna, Chris Brown still hasn't found love.

While The Hollywood Gossip would never claim to be Chris Harrison, we can't help but wonder if there's a match to be made here. Might the stars be aligning for these lonely stars?

Kimmy K. Pic
Angry Chris Brown

If we weigh the pros and cons of a possible Kim Kardashian/Chris Brown relationship, we come across far more pluses to this hook-up than minuses. To wit:


  • Based on the appearance of Kim's recent string of ex-boyfriends - Nick Cannon, Ray J and Bush - Brown fits her dating profile. We'll leave it at that.
  • Alliteratively, Chris would fit in perfectly with the Kardashian clan.
  • Both Kardashian and Brown share a passion for controversial videos, with the former getting more naked in hers than the latter got in his.
  • Neither is working much these days.
  • Both are known for body parts that cannot be avoided: Kim's ass, Chris' fists. 


  • Brown beat Rihanna into a bloody mess.

So, there you have it. For a long list of reasons, enough to make up for Brown's woman-beating past, Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown would make an ideal couple. We've even picked out their wedding song and first dance already.

Do you agree? Should these two date?




over my cold dead body i will kill him first


no because if he beats her he have to asnser to her famliy and sister khloe


Who needs a woman beater in their lives? A REAL man wouldn't hit on a lady. Kim can do much better.


This is the one of the dumbest articles hands down!!! You guys and gals need a REAL article to use on here instead of some brainless and juvenile story that NOONE needs to see!!


i don't think kim k should date chris brown because hes a wemon beatter.


no need to feel sorry for kim. she lives in L.A. where there are plenty of big, black dicks.


@Lizz - I hate that Chris touched RIhanna, but I do have enough sense to realize that he's a GREAT entertainer. I don't limit his entire being to that one incident. If that were the case, we would all be known in life for our faults. And I am not ready to be burdened daily with mine. I think this article was stupid. I hope that Chris moves on with his career and that his personal life as well as every other public figure, stops being put on display for the world to discuss. Shows our lack of decency and makes us hypocritical - since none of us are faultless.


Jeez, calm yourselves! Lol even Kim Kardashian is too good for him. Im not doubting his talent, he's just a woman beater. I don't think Kim deserves that really.


The person who wrote this is definitely an idiot.. Just come out and write it, she likes black guys.. the whole beat around the bush thing and not say it is so yesterday! Also, just because Chris is black does not mean that she likes him. The person who thought of this is probably sexually attracted to little animals or worse little kids. Straights & Gays are way better then this!

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