Sarah Palin Defends Being a Selfish Quitter

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In her first interview since her announcement Friday that she was resigning as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin told the Today show that she did the right thing for her state, as she already knew she wasn't going to seek re-election in 2010.


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    You liberal pussies hate Sarah because she's everything you are not; Smart, beautiful, self-reliant, tough, honest, humble and brave. Go smoke your pot and collect your unemployment checks and leave the rest of us alone to go to work to pay for you weaking commie pukes.


    bwaaahahahaaahaa!! alaska has a smaller population than rhode island, the smallest state in the country!!!!!


    It's unfortunate that party lines have been drawn as battle lines. What's more unfortunate are those that fight for the right to murder unborn human beings and promote immorality and find any little flaw in wording to bash a person who is more then they will ever be. Sarah Palin does not owe any of you a thing. Perhaps you should start looking out for your selves.


    "liberals don't understand and therefore are scared of Sarah Palin." Damn right. We are terrified that this incompetent moron could actually hold higher office in this country because she is supported by the majortity of uneducated idiots that are too stupid to understand that nothing intelligent ever comes out of her mouth.


    Sarah Palin should never have been chosen to run for VP, but she did. Once she did, her life changed forever. She can't, and neither could anyone else, go back and be what she was. That's like saying Michael Jackson could have returned to obscurity after the thriller video. It just isn't possible. In the same way, Palin could never return to Alaska and go back to what she was before. Before, she was a virtual unknown. Now, her ever move is watched and scrutinized. Sometimes giving someone else the chance to accomplish what you, because of political adversaries cannot, is the brave and honest thing to do.


    For Sarah Palin so loves Alaska that she's sacrificing her valuable TITLE.



    Yeah. Sarah Palin is a real selfish quitter. She carries to term a downs syndrome baby with 4 kids at home already and she's govenor of a big state. What a quitter.


    People lash out at things that they don't understand and at things that scare them. It's rather clear that liberals don't understand and therefore are scared of Sarah Palin.

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