Sahel Kazemi Wanted to Marry Steve McNair

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Six months ago, former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair exchanged phone numbers with Sahel Kazemi, then 19 and working at Dave & Buster's restaurant.

Saturday, the relationship ended when they were found dead in a Nashville condo. McNair's death has been ruled a homocide; Kazemi's is still being investigated.

Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the events leading up to the deaths, but according to friends of Kazemi, she was smitten and so was McNair.

Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were kind of an open secret, it seems.

He bought her a black Cadillac Escalade for her 20th birthday this past May. Her family met the former NFL star over a sushi dinner that same weekend.

"We met him because I don't watch football and didn't know who he was," said Farzin Abdi, Kazemi's nephew, who was in town from Jacksonville to retrieve the body.

Kazemi's family and friends pieced together a portrait of their relationship - one they were leery of because of her age - as officials confirmed Sunday that McNair was shot four times in the early morning hours of July 4.

Police say Steve McNair was murdered.

They have yet to classify the death of Sahel Kazemi, who died of one gunshot wound to the side of the head. Police found a gun beneath her body.

Before the clandestine couple was found dead of gunshot wounds early Saturday, Sahel Kazemi had told her nephew that Steve McNair "owned multiple guns."

According to The Tennessean, Kazemi had discussed visiting a shooting range with Farzin Abdi, and had mentioned that she was unhappy living alone.

They discussed the potential for Kazemi acquiring a gun permit, but according to Abdi, "She told me she didn't have to because Steve had lots of guns."

Steve, 36, married Mechelle McNair in 1997, and no accounts of the couple's separation have been reported. The McNairs have four children together.

Soheyla Kazemi, Sahel's sister, rejected theories that her sister may have orchestrated a murder-suicide, killing the former football great and herself.

"It’s not true. She loves Steve too much," Soheyla Kazemi said in an interview with the Florida Times-Union. "She said they were planning to get married."

Nashville police have solicited the help of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to trace the origin of the gun they found at the crime scene Saturday.


Sin Leaves Scars.


See what happens when you cheat, you end up meeting a crazy girl that blows you away and now look who suffers your family. Why would this girl think she was going to marry someone who is already married? answered my own question because she was crazy, no one is worth killing yourself over. My heart goes out to his real wife and his children. The police thinks it was over money, I think he told her he wasnt leaving his family for some crazy young girl and she lost her mind.


REG you're an idiot (Baddy Baddy for your parents for having you.) You actually think that the "best women" are gold-digging skanks who whore themselves out to rich men??? LOL you empty, vapid piece of twat. Poetic justice that you are left with only those gold-digging skanks who were used and abused and dumped by the "rich men" who will now settle for an "average joe" like you. Poetic justice indeed.


Muslim people are often screwed up in their head. I would not be surprised if it was family pressure on her to marry this rich man, and get hold of some of his wealth.


TO jacki mccall 1. It is adultry look it up (in the Bible). Until you are divorced you are cheating by having sex with another person other than your spouse. 2. You married to someone just for them to provide you with something is what some might call a whore. Don't justify this situation just to make yourself feel better. That's a pretty sad life.


So she is slut to sleep with a man who is living seperate from his wife, she is a slut who received a Cadillac Escalade from her boyfriend, she is a slut who went on vacation with him, she is a slut who took him home to meet her family, GIVE ME A BREAK...the bottom line is, two lives were lost here, I will say it again, he wasn't cheating...what part of that doesn't anyone understand...Who is anyone to pass judgement, if you want to talk about sin, sis is sin, when you go over the speed limit, you are breaking the laws of the land and that is sin...get over your holier than though roles...and just because he had kids doesn't mean he couldn't leave his wife, this is 2009, it happens all the time...I bet if she was a black woman, she wouldn't be a slut...We have biracial president...who cares anymore...


two people are dead because they were weak of flesh like us all and those kids are without a father. what a terrible shame so much trouble in the world and yes it was adultry he was still married that the law we live under in this country


In response to Jacki - There is no record that he was seperated. And it is not odd for a married man especially one who can afford one, to have a rendez-vous spot to have affairs. His friend who lives there probably uses it for the same thing. I work in real estate and have sold condos to men just for that very reason. Most times the wives know nothing about it. This is clearly a case of a young girl being naive and also not mentally stable. She wanted the life his wife had and probably was getting ancy because he wasn't leaving his wife because he never intended to. 1. Because his wife would probably take him for most of what he has and 2. Aside from being an adulterer it is said that he adored his sons. He probably started recognizing she was a nutcase and decided he was going to break it off which led to her breaking point - Just a theory. Steve McNair got caught up with some pretty young thing and paid the ultimate price...Hope it was worth it.


I believe it was adultery, separated or no. However, I don't think that that needs to stain his reputation for being good at what he was good at. There's a story at that I think does a good job of balancing the story between his good and bad points. We all have them, and I think we need to remember that.


I thought these Central Asian girls didn’t date and marry Black men, and that their parents think that they are better than Black Americans. Oh! I guess that only applies to poor black men. Also, didn’t some Indian guy in Atlanta, pay for hit men to Killed his black daughter-in-law. This was done to protect the family’s heritage! Goody… Goody, for you, Goody… Goody, for me.

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