Police: Sahel Kazemi's Gun Likely Killed Steve McNair

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Nashville police investigating the murder of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair now think the gun used to slay him belonged to Sahel Kazemi.

That would be the 20-year-old woman McNair was having an affair with.

McNair was found shot four times - twice in the head and twice in the body - in a fatal, mysterious incident at a Nashville condo early Saturday.

Sahel Kazemi suffered a single, fatal gunshot to the head.

Don Aaron, a Nashville police spokesman said this afternoon, "We believe the pistol recovered from the apartment was purchased by Kazemi."

Cops were told Kazemi and McNair "had been in a dating relationship," even though McNair was married to his wife Mechelle and has four kids.

The gun in question was found underneath Kazemi's body - the police think murder-suicide is a possibility, but have yet to say anything official.

While her death was the first time some people close to McNair even heard of Sahel Kazemi, she told her family she wanted to marry McNair.

The deaths of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi, 20, exposed their affair. McNair, 36, made three Pro Bowls and led Tennessee to Super Bowl XXXIV. [Photo: TMZ.com]


They say god dont like ugly. He should have been at home with his wife and kids. She didnt have to kill him. Because he didnt belong to her anyway. She should have really thought about the kids.


Where did someone under the age of 21 get a handgun? Its illegal for someone that age to purchase them. Has there been any comment on that?


It might have been her Ex-Boyfriend and his friend ?? Some clues were left on MySpace, Check HeyKobe.com for more details to this story !! RIP Steve McNAir

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