Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner: Who Would You Rather ...

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Team Edward or Team Jacob? It's question fans of the Twilight franchise have debated for years.

But forget the characters they play for a moment. Let's focus on the men behind the roles, the gorgeous young actors that portray vampires and werewolves on-screen, but make females scream off-screen for very different reasons.

Indeed, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have gone from obscure stars to worldwide sensations.

In the upcoming installment of the Twilight Saga, Pattinson and Lautner's characters battle for Bella's love. So why not start the competition early?!?

Drool over each handsome actor below and then answer the only question that matters below...

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When it comes to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who would you rather ...


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Taylor is probably virgin. But that would be sweet.


Hèhè, I meant 'a gUy who is younger than me', sorry Taylor!


team edward ;p


@ Emily:
That was a rumour from some weird Australian magazine, the only evidence they had was a small belly that Kirsten had. I mean, the girl probably just ate to much, and when you zoom in, everthing looks bigger. It's is completely false that Kristen Stewart is pregnant! It would come in handy though, for filming the fourth book 'Breaking Dawn' ;) I'm completely going for Robert, I mean Taylor is probably nice too, but I don't want a gay who is younger than me!


I Like Edward Cullen better then Jacob black. But when it comes to real life Taylor lautner is so much better!! Robert patinson is a jerk. Did you hear that he knocked Kristen stewert up and then dumped her??!!


Taylor is soooo hot!!!!!!!!! so i rather choose him instead of Robert


eewwww..guys let's not forget that Taylor is a minor still so I don't think the survey is appropriate.


Pfff, Jen... Rob's a beautiful but scrawny and somewhat-too-pretty model. Taylor is manly, much more manly than Rob even though he's that much younger. He's earthy and athletic and altogether delicious :)


Taylor lautner all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robs hot but taylor is wayyyyyyyyyy hotter!!!!!!!!!!


Aha, well im only 15 turning 16. so it would be odd for me to be gushing over a adult.
haha, so i choose TEAM JACOB! Robert is HOTTT. Taylor is HOTTT! but regarding the characters...i like jacob black better than edward cullen. :)