Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner: Who Would You Rather ...

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Team Edward or Team Jacob? It's question fans of the Twilight franchise have debated for years.

But forget the characters they play for a moment. Let's focus on the men behind the roles, the gorgeous young actors that portray vampires and werewolves on-screen, but make females scream off-screen for very different reasons.

Indeed, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have gone from obscure stars to worldwide sensations.

In the upcoming installment of the Twilight Saga, Pattinson and Lautner's characters battle for Bella's love. So why not start the competition early?!?

Drool over each handsome actor below and then answer the only question that matters below...

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When it comes to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who would you rather ...

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I TOTALLY AGREE with "Beth", she said everything.
Team Edward, and there's no comparaison to do, Robert Pattinson is wonderful, no more, no less. And, besides, Taylor Lautner wants too much to people to love him, in the contrary of Robert who totally doesn't care. I mean, he appreciates his success, of course, but he doesn't ask for more. We feel his modesty, and he doesn't try to show himself on his better day, he have other things to do. Taylor is maybe 17, but he seems 12. It's pathetic.

@ Lady'H

Hi taylor and Robert
And form you robert is form the movie of twilight what dose occur to you always disappear being into Kristen's mind by telling her not to do in the film ? And my question is for Taylor is
When and how did you been into a new face form scream or abuduction or other movies and how dose if feel being in to it ?


robert is dashing and hoo0oter he is much more do u guyz compare him with taylor?im roberts team!u r pretier robert belivd me


oh come on rob vs tayler. pleaz taylor is cute in puppy way i guess but robert is 2 f***king hot. u could fry eggs on his body thats how fking hot he is they just make up stuff tayler might get a couple of extra fans 4rm new moon but rob aint goin nowere anytime soon . And by the way I don't like kids.




Right I am 100% team Edward. I always have been always will be, the person that said Taylor is more manly than rob is retarded apparently because Robert is 23 and Taylor is 16 or 17 which in my books Rob is the only one out of the two that is a man Taylor is still a kid. The newmoon movie companion says about how they had to draw on a shadow of a beard whereas with Rob they had to make sure you couldn't see his manly facial hair. Also Rob is not a jerk am I the only one that noticed that he is the opposite of a jerk he has put his whole life on hold for these films and he is so modest about it all and Taylor seems to be trying to get the spot light. Rob has been hounded by the press and the paparazzi and the fans that follow him wherever he goes. For puttin up with all of this he deserves great things but knowing him he probably won't accept them.


ROBERT PATTINSON for sure!!! are you guys kidding??? taylor is a loser....he is fame-whore...he likes when people love him...and what does taylor have except his good-looking body?! he can only repeat he worked really hard to be perfect jacob and all he did was for the fans...silly man! actions speak louder then people, open your eyes! Rob is soulful, smart, talented, witty, grounded and intellegent...he playes piano and guitar, sings and writes songs....


the individual that came up with this is an idiot! you do know the boy is underage, right ? This poll is the most outrageous that I've seen lately. you people from this site have no morals!


You do realize this boy is a minor? Isn't it breaking some kind of obscenity law talking about a child in this way?




Taylor is probably virgin. But that would be sweet.

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