Report: Kristen Stewart is Cheating on Robert Pattinson, Hated On By Fans

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It's been a tough week for Kristen Stewart - and it's only Tuesday!

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    i think that kristen made a big mistake by cheating on robert. i do love them both and i'm rooting for them to spend the rest of their lives together!!!!!!!!!!! dont make any more wrong move kristen if you love rob as i know u do then love him and only him...god be with u bth.


    I am a big fan of Kristen and robert . They both are made for them .


    People you'll should leave them alone....let them do what they want!!!we can't tell kristen who she can or cannot date!!!so yea give it a rest!!!


    oseo la neta kristen buscate a uno mejor ese parese cucaracha la neta we esta mejor el robert pattinson es lo mejor cuantas personas te apoyarian en eso
    buuuuuuuuuuu a michael angaranooo sorry la neta


    I wish everyone would get this straight, Michael broke up with Kristen. Did you notice she was very happy with him and openly showed him affection. Kissing, holding hands, piggyback rides and always smiling. After Michael broke up with her she became the bi*ch from hell. Michael was her stability and sanity. Summit Ent and her fans have helped make her miserable by insisting she be with Robert. Robert and Kristen had a rider added to their contract that Kristen couldn't see Michael and Robert and Kristen had to pretend to date. All this is true get a good investigative reporter and he or she will find all this. Also Kristen and Nikki quit being friends at the same time Michael broke up with her, not because of Robert.


    robert is the right one for her if i was her i would pick him i mean have you seen that other guy he is so not hot like robert is so i would pick robert because he is more way way hoter than that guy so pick him kristen


    i think robert because he is more hot than that other guy and robert is the right age for her


    Y does every twi-fan get up her or tell her to choose Rob Pattinson I know he is hot and all da and she has off's and on's but still u dont have to get up her so who cares if she is or not braking dawn might come true with out it being half vampire half human its human and it wont kill her so juat remeber twi-fans im 1 myslef and idk who she goes out with or who the baby father is i did b4 now i relsise i dont as much now i still do but im not going to car on like all da others do


    4 FUCK sake twi-dans give them a brake it she might not be a two timer but still when have 2 accpet who she choose its not our choice to choose 3 her if it was every1 thats a twi-fan will say Rob P like i whould but give her a braking she's only a teen 4 god sake


    Kristen Stewart i dont hink it's far if u use to males harts as a ball becuase u might end up loseing them both so u betta choose 1 and that 1 BETTA be ROB PATTERSON he loves u in and off the set ur fans know u do 2 y dont u just adimt that u love Rob Patterson and his ur number 1

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