Prince Michael & Paris Jackson Photos: Unmasked! Adorable!

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Older, never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson at home with his two older children, Prince Michael and Paris Jackson, have just been published by OK!

To sum them up in a word: Awww! It's so sad that their father is gone, and our hearts go out to these adorable children and their younger sibling Blanket.

The King of Pop was a music icon and a deeply troubled individual in many ways, but he was without a doubt a loving dad, and the children his top priority.

Paris Jackson's speech about him at his memorial service Tuesday said it all.

Click to enlarge the pictures below, showing MJ at Neverland, celebrating Prince's birthday in 2003, and posing with Debbie Rowe and baby Paris in 1998:

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson
Paris and Prince Michael

[Photos: OK! Magazine]

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Hi prince .... i love u soooo much and i want to meet u someday!!!
dont worry..ur father is in a bery good plce rip 4ever!!!!


hi im a 12 yearold girl and i love m.j and his family i want to meet paris we could be friends lol


I am a 12 year old girl in tennessee, and I can relate to having a wonderful father die at a young age. It is quite possibly the worst thing that can happen to a child, and my heart goes out to Michael Jackson's children. I hope you guys are coping well, and wish to you the best.


my name is sami annd i love paris jackson forever and im all so 11 and i want to meet paros one day but i have to say something to the world..LEAVE MJ ALONE!!..his gone to a better place and god is loving why do you guys wanna destroy his love...


hi prince i just want to say that i really really like u and i really want to marry u. i am 14 and live in australia. i have plans to go to america when i am older to come and look for u. alot of my friends say that i am not reaaly in love with u but i can say that i have never felt this way about anyone. i love u and i pray for ur whole fanily every night. my heart goes out to u and ur family.
love chanel


you are the best my favourite song of yours is the way you make me feel and smooth criminal


hi im georgia and im 10 years old and really loved michael jacksons music he was awsome anyway i think prince michael is hot but i feel bad for prince michael paris and blanket because they lost there dad and i know what that feels like any way i really wanted to meet prince michael anyway i wish yall the best of luck ,xoxox georgia p.s i don't think debbie rowe should get the kids give them to jannet


Hi,Prince Michael, you're so know that I'm 11 years old.I HOPE I will meet you soon.I love you,Paris Michael and Michael Jackson very very much.Big kisses!


I am john I'm 11 from Tennessee I was really moved by Paris's speech at her father's memorail and I
Hope micheal's kids stay stroung r.I.p micheal


hello my name is Sebastien, I have 14 years, my home is the city in france is Hirel, in Ile et Vilaine, please, what I say is true I am really in love with paris jackson j'aimerai really out with her so I ask you to go see it and say it is important to me I ask you to do so. I would be recognizing. if you tell him, tell him that loves Sebastien Allix. answer me quickly to my e-mail that I let you. thank you if you do

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