Prince Michael & Paris Jackson Photos: Unmasked! Adorable!

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Older, never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson at home with his two older children, Prince Michael and Paris Jackson, have just been published by OK!

To sum them up in a word: Awww! It's so sad that their father is gone, and our hearts go out to these adorable children and their younger sibling Blanket.

The King of Pop was a music icon and a deeply troubled individual in many ways, but he was without a doubt a loving dad, and the children his top priority.

Paris Jackson's speech about him at his memorial service Tuesday said it all.

Click to enlarge the pictures below, showing MJ at Neverland, celebrating Prince's birthday in 2003, and posing with Debbie Rowe and baby Paris in 1998:

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson
Paris and Prince Michael

[Photos: OK! Magazine]

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I miss Michael jacksonn soo muchh and just hope his children are okaii right now at thiss sadd timee, people sayy i look like MJ for some reason and i aint just sayinn itt. Hes always going to be in my heart forever and so are Prince,Paris and Blanket they are too young to have lost their daddy soo soon:( I wish i could meet them and tell them its all goingg to be alrightt coz it will Michael will always live on through his music,dancing and kind careing heart for not just his children or family but for everyone who he met and soo generous givin millions to the poor round the world and lookin after that little boy who didnt have liver or something and Michael found a match :) We'll always love youu MJ and his children and family will always be in my heary No matter whatt i'll always be there !:_


H! I'm Catherine M. Santos I am yours fathers big fan


prince, paris, and blanket,
it is molly again, i am still so sorry for what you guys are going through. it seems hard and it is hard. Paris, the speech that you gave to your dad at his funeral and i just want to say that your father is touched for you to say that for him. Prince, you were dressed so nicely at your dads funeral you were the best dressed. Blanket, you carried a michael jackson doll of your fathers that day and to be the littlest it is really hard for you. and the rest of the family he was a great man who cared for the poor and was a fantastic singer and dancer, he was deffenitley the king of pop, so, paris i am also a big fan of you, maybe we can be best buds, i am trying to get up to your of being famous. get back to me as soon as you can! my prayers are to the jackson family, love forever, molly :) ;)


hey my name is molly, i am SUCH a big fan of the jackson family! i think paris so cute and she is very pretty, i miss michael as much as you guys do, he died on my birthday so it was a sad day for all of us. your family is a very good and special, you guys are in my prayers and always will be, and when it is my birthday we will be looking back to this moment and what a sad day it is. my mom bought his CD and we listen to it everyday and when michael says "whos bad" at the end of the song i always say "michael and i!" michael jackson was a good man and he a lot of things for the poor and everybody is thankful for that and everybody is sad that he is gone. just remember you have a great dad, brother in heaven wathching over you guys! e-mail me back on my e-mail address! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, molly


i want 2 say that u're a really srong girl.n' ur is best when ze r shoter!!!
love u all!


hi my name is dasia my ten and i loved micheal jackson he was te nices man on earth i wanted to meet him but it is to late now why did doctor murry had to kill him he sould be sent to prison for te rested of his life


im so sad tat mj is gone this is it there is no more of mj i love u mj and have a nice time in heaen im only ten


Hi my name is Stephany perez and I'm 13 years old. I wanted to say that I will miss michael Jackson and my prayers go to his children especially!! I would like to meet them seriously this is no joke. I'm not like other kids that probly write the same thing I'm writing but they just want to meet them cause their michael's kids but I don't.I just want to become friends with them and have a good time just like friends!! Who ever reads this like the people from ok magazine or something like that.if I would like to help me to try to meet them and become friends with them I would really apreciate it! Please my email is!!! Well til' bye and please try to HELP!!! :)


dear prince and paris i also lost my dad in a car crash a few weeks ago everybody tells you to be strong but how can you when you just lost a parent.i came to america and i watched the memorial and i was guys are so tough about whats guys are very lucky cause you have your grandparents and i dont.prince i you are very cute.and paris my sista you will always have 2 awsome bros.


You know i am a girl.and I am 12 years old.But nobody will understand how much i miss M.J.and love her daughter soooooooo much.You know i can find M.J inside of Paris.

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