Police: Steve McNair Drunk When Killed

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Former NFL star Steve McNair had a blood-alcohol level that was double Tennessee's legal limit for driving when his girlfriend shot him to death.

Tennessee Assistant Medical Examiner Feng Li said there was no way to tell from the report how long before McNair's death he had been drinking.

Police have said that McNair was likely asleep when he was shot twice in the head and twice in the chest. There were no signs of a fight or argument.

The 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi shot Steve McNair, who was married, July 4 in a Nashville condo before killing herself in a gruesome murder-suicide.

Both Kazemi and McNair were found dead July 4.

Police also said Monday that a toxicology report showed a trace amount of marijuana in the body of Kazemi, who was the football star's girlfriend.

Sahel Kazemi was arrested for drunken driving in Nashville two days before the shooting. Police video showed her telling officers that she was high.

The day after that, Kazemi purchased a gun - allegedly from Adrian J. Gilliam, Jr., who has been arrested in connection with McNair's murder.


He was stupid to mess with those jitter-bugs. A watiress brings nothign to the table but her body. Leave the young girls alone. There are plenty of others who know their role and will shut their mouth!


Looks like McNair was quite a womanizer. The latest story was about a 17 year old girl who is supposed to be his daughter. Her mother is another woman separate from the two he spent time with before his death. I wonder if his wife knew of his activity or is she alarmed?


Langley what is the motive? Why would the "Cops" or "Sahel's former boyfriend" kill McNair ... the theory doesn't make sense. The "killer" died shortly after she killed McNair.


I jua can't believe that the man that made me luv football died, am still in shock .... rest in piece my friend !!


No matter what the findings are there is a husband, father and for the murderess; her loved ones who are left behind to make sense of the whole tradegy. Every woman has a tad bit of fatal attraction in her (only to a small degree) and most of us have control of ourselves no matter how many times we play these types of scenarios out in our minds we couldn't actually do it. BUT every now and then there is one who slips under the radar.....men be afraid.....be very afraid....it really exists. CHEATING IS MORE THAN A NOTION because it has sinful and immoral implications and everything that follows......

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