Pia Bhatti: Mother of Omer Bhatti ... and Blanket?

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Contrary to reports, Omer Bhatti says he's not Michael Jackson's love child.

But is the 25-year-old connected to the late superstar in a different way?

Michael J. Walks

In recent weeks, Omer Bhatti has been said to be Michael Jackson's "secret son," a product of a one-night stand Michael had with his Norwegian mom, Pia.

Omer says it's not true, but rather Michael was just a father figure to him while his family lived at Neverland Ranch when he was a young boy (weird, yes).

We thought that was the end of it.

But today, Star Magazine claims the biological mother of Michael's third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (a.k.a. Blanket) is ... none other than Pia Bhatti.

Is Omer Bhatti's mom Pia also Blanket Jackson's mom?

Blanket was born to an unknown surrogate in 2002. His birth mother has never been ID'd. Debbie Rowe is (supposedly) the mother of Jackson's other kids.

As for Pia Bhatti, the one-time dental hygienist lives with her husband in a middle-class suburb of Oslo, Norway, and refuses all requests for interviews.

"Pia was sworn to secrecy about Blanket," says a source. "Michael liked the mystique. He never wanted anyone to know the truth about any of his children."

The report claims that Omer Bhatti, who dazzled MJ with his moonwalk in 1996, became so close to the pop star that Jackson wanted Pia to carry Blanket.

Of Pia being Blanket’s mom, the source continues: "But you only had to see her with Blanket. She treated him as her own for one very good reason - he is."


she is too old and dna is cutting-edge now so USE THE GOD DAMN THING! use michaels money for a good cause! see if he and debbie rowe are the biological parents of prince michael the first and paris. see if omer bhatti is michaels son. see if pia bhatti is blankets mom!


Well for one, Billie Jean wasn't recorded until 1982 and this kid,Omer was born in 1984 so, sorry no connection. Though it does sound good in theory, the timing was all wrong. Secondly, what difference does it make who the actual mother(s) is? These three young children are without a father. Biological or not, Michael Jackson was the only father they knew and now he's gone.


C'mon yall! Are you guys that stupid! On Living With Michael Jackson, Michael said that Blanket's mom is BLACK. But I know for sure that Michael was lying! There are a bunch of celebs out there that have to LIE just so people can shutup! DUHH. Omer and Blanket are his kids. They look A LOT like him. Prince and Paris are not his kids, but that's still okay. Family isn't about blood-relation, it's about love. And Michael gave those poor kids love. Omer and Blanket have that dark hair, those eyes, that nose, and that forehead just like Michael. And even if Prince and Paris were his kids, multiracial kids can have blue eyes just like Paris. My cousin has blue eyes, very light skin, and brown curly hair. And she's still black. Yall need to think!


Yall know darn well Blanket's mother is NOT black. I love MJ but he was bot being truthful when he said she was black, come on now people!!


Idk that Omer kid kinda looks like MJ. I kinda think it is his son. But that lady is NOT blankets mom. But I dont think Blankets mom was black. She doesnt look that dark, and if Micheal was the father then Blanket would look alot darker. Honestly I dont really think Micheal was the father to any of his kids. But Omer, I think theres a big possibilty that MJs the dad.


No black person has strait shiny hair. Obviously Michael is Blanket's dad, because they look alike ( so does Prince and his great grandfather) They all are his kids, biologically or not. He raised them from birth. You can't look at a biracial person and say they are two white for their black parents. I will give you some very very white biracial people - Mariah Carey, Ertha Kitts daughter, Quincy jones daughters, Stacey Dash's children Angelica and Austin etc. Look at Omer's baby picture, they look exactly alike. And why was Omer in the JACKSON FAMILY PHOTO.! And why did both Jermaine and Joe say that Omer was his. And Why is Omer DEMANDING a DNA test?


MJ did not pay to shut anyone up. He had automatic insurance in case he was sued. The insurance company paid the 1st time against his wishes. To avoid it the 2nd time, he let the case go to court AND WON! Unless you have some photos/videos or was an eye witness, you have no proof. I hope no one accuses you of something you didn't do. Oh, I'm sorry, that won't happen because you're too poor for anyone to try and bribe you.


That woman looks 60 but this was supposed to be in the early 80's, and Michael would look like his dad if he hadn't had all that plastic surgery to look the the monster he became.


Why dont we leave the kid's alone and talk about who's trying to steel his money.


Michael Jackson did a good job of protecting his kids from the press. Now Joe Jackson has made statements indicating Omer IS Michael's son, and Blanket looks a lot like Michael to me, only maybe half Scandanavian. I do not know how old Pia Bhatti is, but they can do egg harvesting pretty late in life, and this was a few years ago.. I think Blanket is Michael's biological child, probably with Pia or one of her close relatives.

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