Photos Show Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson, Kids Together on Christmas

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Michael Jackson celebrated his final Christmas with his three children - and Prince Michael Jackson I, 12, Paris Jackson, 11, and Blanket, 7, Us Weekly reports.

That was assumed even before they unearthed the photo below - but one new and interesting fact is that, apparently, Dr. Arnold Klein, was there as well.

Klein also brought Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, a close friend, as a surprise guest for the kids to Jackson's $100,000-a-month Holmby Hills, Calif. home.

Fellow guest Stephen Price, another close friend of Arnold Klein, says that Jackson told Klein that Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II were fans of Star Wars.

A Michael Jackson Christmas

Arnold Klein, bottom left, with Michael Jackson and kids in December 2009.

Around 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve, "Michael brought the kids down in their pajamas and said, 'This is Princess Leia,'" Price recalls. "They were so excited! She did her famous speech for them - the 'Help me, Obi-Wan' speech."

Price says of Jackson's kids, "They are the greatest kids you'll ever meet."

Dr. Arnold Klein employed Paris and Prince's mother, Debbie Rowe, for 23 years at his dermatology office. He is rumored to be their biological father. Us Weekly has even stated this has fact. However, neither he nor other sources have confirmed it.


wow your labum allright


Hey! I just cant explain how much i luv Mj. I stil dont u/stand his death, i cry each time i read & think about him. I luvd him so much, i wish his kids all the best, they are lucky to b mj's kids.


O que Michael Jackson fes para acaba com sua cor normal, e com ele ficou todo branco?


People says that Michael Jackson is the father of his children this not true maybe if michael is not there it mean anything because for this children he's their father and it will change just because of horrible tabloids.This children have enough suffer like that they have lost their father and you, you start to says thing that I would that your heart is as the same as a Rock.I just wanted to say that Michael Jackson is the Father of Prince Michael 1, Paris and Blanket.Michael I love deeply of my Heart and would always be there I love U very very very very Much!!!!!!!


i think they're michael's kids and even if they aren't he's the 1 who's cared for them all these yrs! just leave michael nd his children alone! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL! R.I.P.


December 2009? Isn't it only November 2009 right now? lol


Michael was the children's only parent all their lives. Why are people going on about biological fathers/mothers? He is/was the only TRUE parent and he did an excellent job. Those kids are well-behaved, polite, GRIEVING, wonderful children. LEAVE THEM ALONE! No one else should even claim to be their parents. Talk about leeches. Miss you Michael and will love you forever for who you were. I wish I had sent this message to him while he was here. He was abandoned by many of his "fans" or some just figured he didn't need to know we loved him for him and not just his talent. He never had that from his family as they only seemed to want him for what he could do for them. Just listed to the lyrics of many of his last recordings especially "Childhood". Sad.


leave prince/paris and blanket alone they have life we have life too...its not are bisness to touch anothers life so plz...go to your cementery....God bless you prince/paris and micheal jackson


the king of pop is gone.


There is no denying that Prince looks a hell of a lot like Dr. Klein I just hope he doesn't let himself go like him when he is older LOL. Aside from that MJ will ALWAYS be their father, love is what makes a Father not sperm or DNA.

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