Paul Wesley Admits: I'm No Robert Pattinson

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A couple months ago, we asked if Paul Wesley compared to Robert Pattinson.

Readers responded, overwhelmingly, in the negative. Many seemed aghast that we dared to compare anyone with the Twilight hunk, but it only seemed natural.

Bruised and Battered

After all, on The Vampire Diaries, Wesley is portraying a vampire with a good heart and an eye on a lovely, young, human high school student. Sound familiar?

At Comic-Con last week, aware of the inevitable comparisons, Wesley admitted that he's really no Robert Pattinson.

"I just want to create a character independent of that," Wesley told a fan that asked about similarities between he and Pattinson's roles. "Besides, I think nine out of 10 girls would throw me under a bus to get to Edward Cullen."

The crowd booed at that response. But is it accurate? You tell us!

Who makes the cuter pretend vampire?


ROB is so over rated! PAUL your amazing!


Okay I'm sorry but it annoys me when they say that The Vampire Diaries sounds so simliar to Twilight.
The Vampire Diaries was published first, 1991, if i recall correctly. And the show is based on the books. Stephenie Meyer published Twilight YEARS later.


he is completely adorable though!!


I can't take anything Paul Wesley does seriously. I adore Vampire Diaries but get so frustrated watching it because he makes the SAME face in every scene. He just looks confused ALL of the time. It's very aggravating. And if we're comparing Rob Pattinson and Paul Wesley, eh Rob wins hands down. There's something about him, he's almost unnaturally beautiful. Paul is good-looking but in the generic Hollywood way. Edward is not supposed to be hot, he's supposed to be beautiful and conflicted, Rob does both.
That being said, I really don't think anybody else could play Edward.


Tbh, I think Paul Wesley IS good looking and he IS a good actor. Robert Pattinson seems like an alright guy, but no offence he's not that good at acting, Paul on the other hand. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge twilight fan, but im also a huge Vampire Diaries fan. These two have been getting compared a lot. Can people just stop ruining them both by comparing them? Enjoy them as they are, not compared to something else.
Paul is cute and a really good actor. No offence RPattz's head seems so far up his own ass, I'm sorry but it's what I think.


Are you kidding me i think this poll is jacked how can you evem compare.. paul plays a much better vampire than rob dont get me wrong im a huge twilight fan but but they could of picked someone a whole lot better to play edward cullen?? but all i gotta say you gotta love stefan aka paul wesley he's hott!!


yea of course his not rob I mean I am fan of twilight books and vampire books and of course movie and serie but I have to tell you Paul is SOOOOOOO much better in every way actually If he was Edward the movie had been perfect, I love edward but sorry I don-t like rob as edward, and I love paul as Stefan :)


It's all a matter of taste I've been wathing Paul since his everwood days.. But my personal opinioni'd choose Paul everyitme he' sooooo much more handsome and more mature...


Um. No comparison. I've known Paul Wesley's work 4 much longer than that of Robert Pattinson's. BUT Paul has NOTHING on Rob. Sure Paul is kinda cute but Rob .... Tsk. Leaves girls salivating. Sexy. Sings amazingly. CAN act. I mean... Seriously? Is this honestly a debate? I think not.


Of course, he's no Robert Pattinson. Thankfully, he's not! Paul is so much better imo :) He's handsome AND can actually act.

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