Paul Wesley Admits: I'm No Robert Pattinson

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A couple months ago, we asked if Paul Wesley compared to Robert Pattinson.

Readers responded, overwhelmingly, in the negative. Many seemed aghast that we dared to compare anyone with the Twilight hunk, but it only seemed natural.

Bruised and Battered

After all, on The Vampire Diaries, Wesley is portraying a vampire with a good heart and an eye on a lovely, young, human high school student. Sound familiar?

At Comic-Con last week, aware of the inevitable comparisons, Wesley admitted that he's really no Robert Pattinson.

"I just want to create a character independent of that," Wesley told a fan that asked about similarities between he and Pattinson's roles. "Besides, I think nine out of 10 girls would throw me under a bus to get to Edward Cullen."

The crowd booed at that response. But is it accurate? You tell us!

Who makes the cuter pretend vampire?

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I absolutely luv PAUL WESLEY!!! Because his character STEFAN SALVATORE is so humble,caring,lovin and is so hooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!


I love paul very much.


I Love Paul Wesley hes my Husband 9.10.09


I Love Both, Robert Pattinson is my husband since 11.21.08


I have read all books and watched all films/tv series lol. I used to be a fan of twilight and Edwards charter but my god Paul Wesley is fine ;) He acts better, looks better. I laughed when I 1st watched the TVD to see the similarities but I think Paul Wesley plays Stephan really well in comparison to the books.


i love you paul wesley....stefan salvatore is so hotttt


Robert pattinson hes so hot!!!!!


Stephen Salvator is hotter than Edward Cullen I would die to see Stephen!!!!!!:)


"Besides, I think nine out of 10 girls would throw me under a bus to get to Edward Cullen." Ahahahahahahahah ROLF this its realy funny ... yes maibe if the girls have unde 20 probably will do that but i doubt that ... i mean lets be realistic ... Rob its cute but he realy dont have the acting inside him ... my personal opinion ... sorry ... rob its still a boy that have a lot of succes on girls ... but lets face it ... Paul ... HES amazing ... and Rob realy need to take some singing leason ... because hes not amazingly singer ...
Im a fan of both movies so dont kill me :( but its just what i think ... :(


Ok if I would vote I would 100% vote for Paul Wesley,and Come On people! This isn't about who's 'Cuter' Paul look nothing like Robert first of all,and if u really pay attention to there acting you would know that Paul is a better actor.Robert lack of acting make him look ridiculous on screen,and have you ever heard of a glowing vamp? By the way vampire diaries have a wayyy better story line
and Paul is wayy hotter and 'cleaner' looking

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